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This Girl is on Fire: When Twerking Goes Really Wrong

September 9, 2013

This Girl is on Fire: When Twerking Goes Really Wrong

Let’s be honest: Most of us really didn’t know what twerking was until recently and we’re all still quite perplexed, right?

Well, a video burning up the internet right now might be the best reason ever to avoid this latest fad.

In the clip (which is posted below) and has been viewed over 1.7 million times,  a girl ‘twerks’ in video while doing a handstand and leaning up against a closed door. When someone opens the door, she falls and crashes into a table full of lit candles, causing her leg to go on fire.

Ouch, right?

But to get to grips with this trend, we consulted fitness  expert  Jill Miller who will walk you in and out of how to “twerk” with success.

She says, “I am all for creating fast controlled velocity movements in your body, as ‘controlled shaking’ actually has deep relaxation benefits and improves circulation to boot.”
If you don’t know, twerking is when you stand at a wide stance with your legs turned out at 10 and 2 position so your hips are externally rotated and you pulse up and down as you thrust the pelvis bone forward and back. This is great exercise if you are doing it correctly and have loosened up before getting your twerk on, but if you are in bad shape or stiff, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Some exercise enthusiasts say a “twerkout” will help shape butt and thighs as it works the deep muscles of the hips and the core muscles of the lower back and abdominals. So, what can go wrong?  Plenty says Miller, “it’s basically like giving your low back high frequency repetitive ‘whiplash’ due to the fast velocity of pelvic motion needed to get your butt cheeks to do the ‘classic’ booty thrusting action”

And, there kids, you have it.

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