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Les Norman – Dr. Kai Nishi

May 1, 2014

Very soon, obesity will surpass smoking as the leading killer among preventable diseases in the US. And it’s not just an adult problem. Childhood obesity continues to climb, and it’s far beyond an epidemic. In our country, it’s a way of life. My guest from the Khalili Center in Beverly Hills, CA, is Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Kai Nishi.

Voted the US’ top bariatric surgeon for 2013, Dr. Nishi is now going into low-income area schools to help educate our kids in nutrition and exercise. But not all overweight children come from difficulties in a socio-economic region. In every walk of life, kids that have yet to reach their teenage years are pushing 200, 250, even 300lbs! Is it a form of child abuse, or simply a blatant lack of responsibility?

Dr. Nishi performs many Lap-Band, Gastric Bypass, and other surgeries to help people change their lives and retake control; he also takes his staff to a park each weekend, where he invites his patients to join them in exercising together! Hear one of the world’s best weight-loss surgeons talk kids, exercise, diet and how to regain control of an overweight lifestyle!!

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