Dr. Constantino Mendieta Celebzter / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Forget Selfies, the hottest new trend is Belfies… and you can thank Kim Kardashian for that July 22, 2014

Kim showed off her famous booty this week

Kim showed off her famous booty this week

On Thursday, July 17, Kim Kardashian showed off her famous asset — again!

The 33-year-old reality star posted a photo of herself on Instagram, showing her tanning her famous derriere in Mexico with the caption: “#OurLovelyLadyLumps” (more…)

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Renee Raudman The Author Biz / Renee Raudman Ever Wonder How Audiobooks are Produced? Renee Raudman Takes us Behind the Curtain July 22, 2014


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Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the publishing business right now, with 2013 sales of over $2 billion dollars.  It’s easier now than ever before for authors to have audiobooks produced, and those audiobooks can create significant revenue streams.

But how are audiobooks made?  What’s the process? (more…)

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The Khalili Center Monsters & Critics / The Khalili Center Seattle Seahawks Running Back Derrick Coleman, Jr. Supports Children Born With Microtia July 22, 2014

derrick use

Seattle Seahawks Running Back Derrick Coleman, Jr. Supports Children Born With Microtia

Seattle Seahawks running back, Derrick Coleman, Jr. enjoyed a fun afternoon tossing the football and signing T-shirts with children having Microtia (born without one or both ears) and their families at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, California on Saturday, July 12th. (more…)

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Dr. Mohammad Fifty is the New Fifty / Dr. Akikur Mohammad Aging Into Addiction After 50 July 17, 2014

Aging Into Addiction After 50


It had always been “just beer” for Danny Smith*, who began imbibing at age 13. He never graduated to hard liquor or other drugs, nor considered his drinking a problem. Then, two years ago, while tinkering with an old jeep for fun, Danny moved a fender and felt sudden searing pain in his shoulder. Complications with surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff left the heavy equipment mechanic unable to return to work, and forced his wife to take a job in another state. “I was alone, depressed and basically felt worthless,” Danny, 57, recalls. “That’s when drinking took over.” As Danny describes it, he’d wake up, feed his dogs and crack his first beer–ultimately finishing forty a day at his lowest point.

Sadly, Danny’s story isn’t unique. According to the University of Pennsylvania Health System, older adults are hospitalized for alcohol-related problems as much as for heart attacks. And while alcohol remains the leading substance abuse cause of hospital admissions for people 50-plus, boomers are increasingly turning to illicit drugs. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s most recent national survey found illicit drug use among adults aged 50 to 64 rose from a rate of 3.4 percent to 7.2 percent over the last ten years.

Our Addiction Is Different

“Baby boomers struggles with addiction are different than those of younger people because their problems are very different,” explains Akikur Mohammad, M.D., associate professor of addiction medicine at USC’s Keck School of Medicine and director of LA-based treatment center Inspire Malibu. “Some are battling physical pain due to aging-related illness and diminished abilities. Others have emotional pain from a range of traumatic experiences, are burdened by caring for elderly parents, or face financial challenges due to life on a fixed, limited income.”

What’s more, we boomers came of age when recreational drug use was widespread–indeed, we coined the use of “party” as a verb. Plus, unlike our youngers, our generation is fiercely independent, so we can be more prone to the practice of self-medication. So even those not facing the physical, emotional or economic hardships of aging–folks who simply have too much time and disposable income on their hands–can descend into addiction. If you wonder if your partying may be a problem, take the self-test devised by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence here: http://ncadd.org/index.php/learn-about-alcohol/alcohol-abuse-self-test.

Our Treatment Is Tailored

If your self-test results concern you, know that help is available–and will be tailored to more than your age. “Treatment must be individualized to each person’s unique problems and needs,” says Dr. Mohammad. “No two people are alike in their struggles, so it’s important to perform a proper assessment to isolate the root cause and determine the best therapies, which may include medication along with proven evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapies.” Recovery is a lifelong process–one day at a time, as they say–but Dr. Mohammad points out that the first step gets you halfway there: “Seeking help if you really want to change is 50 percent of the treatment.”

Danny, four weeks sober when he spoke to Fifty Is the New Fifty, is thankful that he took that step–and so are his wife, kids and grandchildren. “It requires a bigger person to admit you have a problem than to hide it and deny it,” he says. “Look yourself in the mirror, consider all the medical issues you’re creating for yourself and get the help you need.”

* Name has been changed.

An all-around wordsmith, Nina Malkin is a journalist, novelist, copywriter and memoirist. She’s also an avid collector of lovely things from eras past–read her musings athttp://www.vintagevirna.blogspot.com/

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Dr. A R Mohammad


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Dr. Constantino Mendieta Monsters & Critics / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Booty Pioneer Paves Way For Social Media Belfie Queen July 15, 2014

The hottest new trend in pop culture is the “Belfie,” also known as the butt-selfie.

According to AOL.com, “Plenty of celebs have jumped on the belfie train- obviously Kim Kardashian, Rihanna- with her more subtle belfies…And Heidi Klum, just to name a few. And we’d be crazy not to reference the glutes queen, Jen Selter! She basically became famous for her derriere. It even landed her a spread in Vogue.”

jen 4

Jen Selter Instagram

But to celebrity plastic surgeon and butt specialist, Dr. Constantino Mendieta, getting a good belfie is nothing new.

He has worked on some of the most photographed derrieres around the world to make them the most coveted bottoms for decades now, and he has appeared on CNN, the TODAY show, EXTRA, Good Morning America, The Doctors and many other shows to discuss his groundbreaking technique of fat transfer to balance the natural shape.

photo with Anderson Cooper

Dr. Mendieta (R) with Anderson Cooper

For the past 25 years, Dr. Mendieta has made a name for himself as the go-to doctor for women and men who want a little more backside contouring done correctly, without health risks or grotesque outcomes. His talented work, combined with the fashion influences of actresses and artists like Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and even the Kardashians has taken the focus away from the chest and put it squarely on the rear end.

He literally wrote the book on this procedure that is used by plastic surgeons around the world (The Art of Gluteal Sculpting) and he is completely without equal when it comes to talking about the trends of style, shape, size and options of implants versus fat grafting, which is his preference.

Dr. Mendieta spoke to Monsters and Critics and said, “I have noticed a recent trend, with more patients coming in with Belfies from their friends, pictures from the internet of celebrities instead of the retouched magazine photos they used to bring in. People want healthy and sexy and attainable curves, not ridiculous side-show Jerry Springer bottoms!”

VICE interviewed Dr. Mendieta for their online magazine and for the HBO series about the tragic outcomes and dangerous lengths some women will go through to get a bigger butt and how he has saved lives and restores the bodies of men and women from botched back-alley procedures. Dr. Mendieta’s restorative work has given people back their lives and their health.

Dr. Mendieta even referenced Internet Belfie queen and fitness model Jen Selter as an ideal example of proportions many patients are seeking when they come to him. Selter was interviewed by Huffington Post on how she gets her “selter butt.”

Anyone can acquire anything they set their hearts and minds to! It takes dedication, perseverance, hard work and consistency. There is no secret pill, no special diet. What it comes down to is how hard you push yourself and how you overcome the mental challenge of getting yourself to the gym even when you really don’t want to. Consistency leads to results. Diet is also important. I eat every few hours to keep my metabolism running and I try to stay away from overly processed foods. Lots of lean meat, vegetables and fresh fruit. Fitness is a lifestyle. You must be mentally prepared to commit to it and be consistent with your health and fitness lifestyle in order to see results and as we know results don’t happen overnight.

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Dr. Constantino Mendieta

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