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Jennifer Lopez Reunites With ‘The Dress,’ At Least Her Nipples Were Covered, Some Thoughts

June 5, 2014


Jennifer Lopez was and still is a fashion icon. When we interviewed the top butt sculpting plastic surgeon of Miami Beach. Dr. Constantino Mendieta, he credited her with helping butts beat boobs as the focal point of the body beautiful. Butt fat grafting soared and boob jobs plummeted.

It has been 15 years since Jennifer Lopez walked that red carpet in that eye popping green Versace dress that drew eyes to her magnificent bottom.  The singer wore a similar frock while performing in the Bronx, New York, on Wednesday night and she looked amazing still. And despite the current celebrity trend of nipples out set by Scout Willis and Rihanna, her nipples were not in play.  Apparently Lopez does not have an ax to grind like the other two celebrities when it comes to baring her breasts.

Nipple hysteria sort of started with this contrived move with Justin and Janet’s Super Bowl 2003 performance:

The outfit that JLo wore to the Grammy awards totally raised some eyebrows, but the provocation that Rihanna and Scout Willis are doing in the name of nipple baring equality (men can show nipples-why not women?) has us wondering if we will be walking around the street and random girls will be walking by without their tops on.

This is fine if you are at a topless beach or a nudist camp, but in this boisterous diverse population where we have all kinds of fundamentalists, people from faraway cultures where they cane you for showing an ankle, garden variety nutters (with guns), perverts and the generally easily excited, how wise a fashion move is this?

For the record, we don’t think men walking around without a shirt is appropriate anywhere except poolside or at the beach either. Nobody really wants to see nipples except a nursing baby or your hot date about to make a move!

What happened to good taste and style?

Here is Elizabeth Taylor in her heyday from the set of the film “Giant” showing how to look provocative without showing nipple.


Look, here’s Julie Newmar, sans Nips!


and here is a vintage nipple slip where Sophia Loren is MORTIFIED  by Jayne Mansfield’s unbridled nipples. Classic side eye.


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