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Dr. Jaime Hernadez & Sandra Liddy on ESPN’s Breakin’ the Norm Part 3 of 3

May 13, 2014

Dr. Jaime Hernandez is a leading orthopedic surgeon who performs a cutting-edge total knee replacement using computerized GPS technology to enable him to precisely place the new knee components. This technology has completely revolutionized a total knee replacement operation, enabling the surgery to be much less invasive, far quicker — only 40 minutes as opposed to two hours for conventional surgery — and it results in far more precise knees placement, and faster patient healing. An LA Police Dept. officer is a patient of Dr. Hernandez who had both knees replaced. She comes on with Les Norman to share the joy she has with these surgeries. With conventional knee surgery, roughly 15 to 20 percent of the surgeries are not done to satisfactory levels, and many must be re-done. Dr. Hernandez is one of very few surgeons in the country who perform this cutting-edge surgery, and the only one in the Los Angeles area. This is a MUST HEAR interview for anyone considering a total knee replacement.

The episode of The Doctors TV show discussed in this interview is also a MUST SEE, and can be found here:

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Dr. Jamie Hernandez

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