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Gleam by Melanie Mills Radiant Dust – all 4 shades – pics, swatches, review!

March 18, 2014

Hello, Beautiful!

If you’re a fan of the Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance, or just a fan of a radiant glow, then you may want to check out this blog post on the Gleam by Melanie Mills Radiant Dust. I was sent sample jars of all four shades back in December, but I didn’t want to write up a review until I was able to really try them all out. It took me longer than normal to try these out, but I did try them all several times and in several ways. I’m just going to come out and say this: I think I’m in love with every Gleam by Melanie Mills product that I’ve tried!!! I love her Body Radiance (Rose Gold is my favorite shade), I love her Lip Radiance glosses (Pop My Cork is my favorite shade) and herGlitter & Glam book (one of the best makeup books I own). She can do no wrong in my book! She makes some of the most beautiful, radiant, glowing products for your body. You’ll look gorgeous in pictures and everyday life. So what do I think of her new Radiant Dust? Check out my full review below, including all the product info, after the pics!

Gleam by Melanie Mills Radiant Dust Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $59.00 (full size). Available on the Gleam by Melanie Mills website, and everywhere else Gleam by Melanie Mills products are sold. Click here to find a retailer near you.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!Product Info…This pure luxe, loose powder imparts shimmering glitz and glam. The world’s most luxurious face/body luxe loose powder. Infused with her signature moisture rich ingredients to leave skin feeling like silk. Can be used as eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, and all over your body – with or without her Body Radiance.Radiant Dust is finely milled face and body powder that imparts skin with a subtle shimmer and rich glow. Made from high grade pearls and all-natural ingredients that draw light in rather than reflect it, Radiant Dust is gorgeous on its own, or as a finisher with her Body Radiance.Each shade of Radiant Dust blends beautifully and seamlessly, and can be used by every skin tone as a bronzer, blush, highlighter or eyeshadow. Apply with a makeup brush or powder puff to diminish fine lines and create a warm rich glow. Radiant Dust provides a dewy radiance and leaves skin with a warm scent of vanilla essence. Great for body in high humidity areas when you don’t want to wear a lotion or liquid product – like her Body Radiance. This is a hydrating powder that blends beautifully and designed to work on all skin tones, as Radiant Dust comes in all four of her signature Gleam shades.

With potent anti-aging elements found in Green Tea and White Tea Extract, hydrating aloe vera, a skin nutrition blend of antioxidants, and the Gleam Hydroplex, Radiant Dust helps give your skin the appearance of a vibrant, healthy glow. With a silky texture, light vanilla scent, and ingredients that are good for your overall skin health, Radiant Dust is also talc-free and paraben, sulfate, GMO and phalate-free! All Gleam products are made in the USA and are also cruelty-free!

My Review…

I’m already a big fan of the Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance, so I kind of expected to also love the Gleam by Melanie Mills Radiant Dust…. and I do! This is basically her loose powder version to her already amazing liquid/cream Body Radiance.The colors are in her signature shades, so they can be layered on top of the Body Radiance for added glow and glam, or in combination with her Body Radiance – such as using the Body Radiance on arms and legs, and then the Radiant Dust in the same shade on your eyes and cheeks. Also, can I just take a moment and just say that these smell yummy – like vanilla!As you can see by the photos, I have sample jars of all four shades. This is the kind of product that is hard to photograph swatches and show how gorgeous they are. They’re MUCH prettier in person. I think my favorite is Light Gold – it’s the one I use the most, and the one I like best on my body – followed by Rose Gold. I like Bronze Gold and Deep Gold almost the same, maybe liking Deep Gold slightly more.The price point is pretty high for a powder at $59 – and I’m honestly not sure how much product comes in a full size, as I only have the sample jars (and I don’t see it listed on her website). HOWEVER, her products are formulated with some of the best ingredients. This isn’t just a cheapo shimmer powder – oh no! Not at all! This has a nice silky smooth texture, blends beautifully, and has good-for-you ingredients. When a product feels nice, performs nice, is made with good-for-my-skin ingredients and looks great, then I don’t care about price point. And for me, I tend to use this product more for my eyes so it will last awhile (since I don’t have the opportunity to glam my body up with this powder — maybe in the summer when more skin is exposed). I’ve used these sample jars mostly for my eyes and I have barely gone through them!Let’s talk about how I liked this Radiant Dust for different uses…

I honestly LOVED these for my eyes. They are gorgeous – perfectly shimmery! They can be sheered out for a wash of color, used to top over other shadows, or apply more heavily (packing on the lid over an eyeshadow primer or creamy base). Light Gold and Rose Gold look gorgeous as an inner corner highlight or to highlight the center of the lid. Bronze Gold and Deep Gold make great all-over lid colors for a gorgeous bronzy gold lid look.

These make gorgeous highlight shades to your cheekbones – I like Rose Gold and Light Gold as a top of cheekbone highlight and even down the center of my nose. I will top with a powder if I want a more subtle shimmer glow, or apply last if I want more of that shimmer to be noticeable. You could use Deep Gold or Bronze Gold as a blush, bronzer or contour color – but since it does have shimmer in it, it doesn’t make the best contour color (unless you want an all-over shimmer/glow look).

This product, of course – as you might expect, looks amazing as a body glow. Just like with herBody Radiance, this is essentially the same thing – just in powder form. Dust on your collarbone, decollete, arms, legs, and anywhere else you may have exposed skin that you want to glow. And if you don’t own her Body Radiance, and want a more subtle glow, you could mix some of this in with your regular body lotion and you’ll get a very subtle all-over glow!

You could even use this product and mix with a clear lip gloss, or tap onto your lips (such as just the center of your lips or all over) for a lip color highlight, depending on the look you’re going for.

Could also mix a little with your face moisturizer for a subtle glow all over your face. Once you top with another face product – like a BB/CC Cream, Tinted Moisturizer, powder, or foundation – it will be less shimmery and more as just a radiant all-over glow.

As you see, there are many different ways to use this – not just on your body!

Final thoughts…

I loved this product, just as I have with every other Gleam by Melanie Mills product that I’ve tried – and come to think of it, I’ve tried every one of her products, except for the Face And Body Brush (but that’s $85 so don’t know when I’ll try that – not in my budget at the moment). She makes some great products that make us women (and men) look absolutely beautiful! I would love to see her line expand to even more products, and her Lip Radiance glosses… yeah, please come out with more shades, I love these!

But back to the product in this post – her Radiant Dust…. I think this is a great alternative for people who prefer powders other liquid/cream products. If you have oily skin and liked the idea of her Body Radiance, but prefer powders, then you’ll love Radiant Dust. Or if you just prefer to use powders on your face and/or body, then you’ll love Radiant Dust. Also great if you already own her Body Radiance and want to amp up the glam by topping with Radiant Dust.

As with every Gleam by Melanie Mills product, I would recommend this to you if you’re looking for a shimmer/radiant body powder that is also safe to use on the eyes and face!

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