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Disney’s ‘Tangled’ Audiobook Brought To Life By Renee Raudman’s Narration

July 23, 2014


Tangled, Disney’s 2010 blockbuster based on the Rapunzel story, is finally available in audiobook form recorded by award winning narrator, Renée Raudman.

Disney released Tangled: The Junior Novelization, in 2010 in conjunction with the premiere of their feature film of the same name. The original film earned over $600 million and an Oscar for Best Original Song in 2010. Now children of all ages, with the help of Raudman’s classic and enthralling voice, can re-live the exciting and enchanting story of a young, vibrant girl who discovers her own magic and path.

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Renee Raudman – August 2014 Best of LA issue of Los Angeles Magazine

Renée Raudman has made a career out of captivating people with her voice and bringing them into a world she has created that extends beyond the authors word’s and was recently featured as an L.A. Archetype in Los Angeles Magazine’s Best of LA issue.

She has recorded over 300 titles with Tangled being one of her most cherished. Her welcoming and lyrical voice enchants listeners with stories by successful authors from Ilona Andrews to Danielle Steele–and now Disney fans get to enjoy her readings.  She has also recorded many bestselling titles for Blackstone over the years too.

Publishers and authors of modern fiction, non-fiction, and YA (young adult) trust in Renée’s honed skills for conveying their story to avid listeners. She has recorded for some of the best known authors in the world, including Catherine Coulter and Suzanne Brockmann.

Renée is lauded by critics for her commitment to story, her differentiation of characters, and her ability to convey emotion and the writer’s intent on every page – whether it be fiction, non-fiction, memoir or young adult. She is known for her strong voicing of both her female and male characters.

Prior to her career in book narration, she was a successful television actress with credits that included the recurring role of Jordon, on ABC’s “One Life To Live,” Phyllis on NBC’s “Passions,” in addition to guest-starring in roles on “3rd Rock from the Sun,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “Hercules: The Legendary Journey” and more. She has voiced characters on Fox’s “The Simpsons,” can be heard on Cartoon Network as Miss Butterbean on “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy” and is the voice of the narrator on the E! Entertainment’s series “Starmaps.”  Gamers still adore her sultry Ukrainian Weapons Analyst character Nastasha Romanenko from the original Metal Gear Solid.

For the past seven years, however, she has been laser focused on audiobooks, with her own career expanding exponentially as audiobooks became a $1.2 billion-a-year industry. Her rich narrative audio style helped established the trend widely used now, creating a more fully theatrical audio experience.


Renée Raudman

“When I was asked to record Disney’s Tangled audiobook, I was over the moon!” said Raudman. “I have a 3-yr old precious niece who LOVED the movie, and I’ve watched it with her several times. For me, recording Tangled was a very personal and meaningful opportunity. It was also nerve-wracking in a way! I mean, giving voice to something so iconic both personally and universally is pretty scary!”

Disney’s Tangled is timeless, a fun adventure where the swashbuckling thief Flynn Rider meets Rapunzel–the girl with seventy feet of magical hair.

Together they go on wild, hilarious, and heartfelt adventures when Rapunzel leaves her isolated tower for the first time.

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