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Dr. Kai Nishi of The Khalili Center on KFI’s Lisa Ann Walter Show

May 13, 2014

The nation’s top bariatric surgeon went on the top talk radio show in Los Angeles, KFI, to talk with the Fabulous Lisa Ann Walter. Dr. Nishi and his colleagues at the Khalili Center go out to area schools to teach the kids nutrition and physical education to supplement the teaching done at the school. The goal of the Khalili Center’s school visits is to emphasize proper life changing, good eating and physical activity habits that can last a lifetime. The lessons have paid off. There are many accounts of the children taking their new knowledge home to their families, and they’re even asking the taco trucks that sit outside the schools in the morning waiting to provide a breakfast to the kids to change their menues and sell healthy foods.

This is a MUST HEAR interview for anyone who cares about the health of children in America.

The Khalili Center is one of America’s most important bariatric practices, located in Los Angeles. Dr. Nishi was named the Top Bariatric Surgeon in the Nation for ’13 (Health Tap). The Khalili Center is a model for a world class center of excellence.

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