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Seattle Seahawks Running Back Derrick Coleman, Jr. Supports Children Born With Microtia

July 22, 2014

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Seattle Seahawks Running Back Derrick Coleman, Jr. Supports Children Born With Microtia

Seattle Seahawks running back, Derrick Coleman, Jr. enjoyed a fun afternoon tossing the football and signing T-shirts with children having Microtia (born without one or both ears) and their families at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, California on Saturday, July 12th.


The gridiron hero was there to support the kids and bring awareness to the charity Earicles(Miracles for Ears), a non-profit that helps children born with Microtia, by speaking at their annual fundraiser and silent auction.

He took time out to visit with all the families, take pictures and give the children and their families great inspiration and a feeling they have someone special and important in their corner who understands what they are going through.

Derrick Coleman, Jr. has been deaf since the age of three. Coleman receives letters occasionally from kids who are walking in his shoes too.

This particular letter, which found its way to him via Twitter, really got to him:


Courtesy of Jake Kovalcik’s Twitter account.

Told by coaches that he’d never make it, and teased mercilessly as a child by his peers, Derrick’s sheer will and determination allowed him to overcome tremendous obstacles in his young life. Hard work, tenacity and sheer will got him to the NFL and the Championship.

“He is such an inspiration to these children, and he truly understands their plight,” says Dr. Sheryl Lewin, a Craniofacial Pediatric Plastic Surgeon, and the founder of Earicles. “We were thrilled to have Derrick join us!”


Dr. Lewin consulting a patient

Dr. Lewin founded Earicles in 2012 to give children with Microtia an opportunity to excel through education, advocacy, research, and ear reconstruction surgery for those whose families might not otherwise be able to afford the cost.

And as for Derrick, he also took time to write that little girl back, courtesy of FOX Sports:

wrote back


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