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Kelly Osbourne’s yoga trainer Jill Miller gives us her secrets to slim success

August 27, 2013

Kelly Osbourne’s yoga trainer Jill Miller gives us her secrets to slim success

In an exclusive interview, Kelly Osbourne’s diet and yoga guru Jill Miller shared with us her secrets to getting fit and fabulous. Jill is famed for her ability to help people enhance their bodies and relieve stress with her fitness DVDs “Yoga Tune Up: QuickFix Rx – Lower Body Series” (click to order) and “Yoga Link: Harmonizing the Hips, Shoulders and Core 3-DVD Set” (click to order).

Here’s our Q and A with Jill. Worth noting: She also is the creator of our favorite abs DVD: “Jill Miller – Coregeous: A Strong Core a Beautiful You” (click to order) and the best fitness DVD for easing that stress from working on the computer too long: “Yoga Tune Up: QuickFix Rx – Upper Body Series” (click to order).

Question: For people who exercise first thing in the day, should they eat breakfast and if so, what?

Answer: The most important “food” upon waking prior to exercise is actually WATER. Make sure to rehydrate and replenish so that you are not running on “below empty” on fluids when you workout. If you don’t like eating heavy, then grab a low fat yogurt, and a handful of granola or an easy-to-eat piece of fruit like a banana or handful of blueberries. Fuel up for fitness!

Question: What’s the best post-workout snack?

Answer: I am not a post-workout snacker, I am a meal-eater. I time my workouts either to be early morning (pre-breakfast) or late morning (pre-lunch). If it’s breakfast, an omelet with a few veggies like broccoli, spinach and red peppers and fresh avocado. If it’s lunch, a big salad with grilled chicken or scoop of tuna.

Question: What are your tips on motivating yourself when you’re trying to get to the gym or exercise and just not feeling like it?

Answer: My workout is my therapy, so if I’m feeling down or sluggish, I know the mood-boosting reward that awaits just moments into starting my workout. I’ve never felt worse about myself after a workout… only better, that keeps me very motivated. And the bonus is that my body stays healthy, strong and I can manage stress better.

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