Star Magazine / Dr. Alexander Rivkin Ariana’s Plump Pout! May 22, 2020

ari lip fillers

Rocking her signature winged eyeliner and high pony, Ariana also showed off a distractingly puffy pout. “Her lips look good but a little large for her face,” L.A.-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin, a pioneer of the 5-minute rhinoplasty, tells Star. Surmising that the singer’s had filler, the doctor, who hasn’t treated Ariana, explains, “You can tell she’s had lip augmentation because her upper lip is a bit bigger than her lower lip.”


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Good / Dr. Peterson Pierre 10 Women’s Best Facial Razors, According to Beauty Experts and Reviewers May 14, 2020


According to dermatologist Peterson Pierre, M.D., all skin types are fine candidates for facial shaving. Just note that if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you want to be extra careful to avoid any irritation. That said, make sure to only shave your skin with product, as “shaving dry can likely cause more irritation, nicks, and cuts,” Dr. Pierre says. He recommends using a shave gel because it creates a layer between the blade and skin, allowing your razor to glide more easily. “Follow up with a moisturizing and soothing after-shave to make the experience as comfortable as possible,” Dr. Pierre adds. You can shave as often as you need as long as you’re not finding irritation on the skin.

And no, shaving your face will not make hair grow back thicker or darker! According to Dr. Pierre, “the razor cuts the hair about mid-shaft, at its thickest portion,” he explains. “So when the hair grows in, it might appear to be thicker, but the hair diameter itself actually doesn’t change and neither does the color.”


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Parade / Dr. Peterson Pierre Is Your Double Chin Cramping Your Style? Here Are Some Doctor-Approved Ideas for Getting Rid of It May 12, 2020

double chin

Cryosculpting: Cryosculpting is a non-invasive treatment that uses both cold temperatures and muscle stimulation to freeze and get rid of fat cells for good, according to Peterson Pierre, a board certified dermatologist in Thousand Oaks, California.

Ice 21′s Cryotone: This machine firms and tones your muscles while draining out the lymphatic areas of your body, improving circulation and the texture of your skin, according to Pierre. He adds that it can be used on your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks as well as on a double chin. This is “a quick-and-easy, painless, and relatively affordable solution to getting rid of a double chin once and for all.”


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TMZ / Dr. Rady Rahban Beverly Hills Surgeons Move Forward With Caution, Divided On Reopening May 5, 2020

beverly hills

Plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills may have the green light to resume elective and cosmetic surgeries, but they’re moving forward with caution … and some aren’t ready to reopen.

Dr. Rady Rahban tells TMZ … his offices are reopening for everything from tummy tucks, nose jobs and breast-lifts to mommy makeovers, but there’s gonna be some major precautions due to the novel coronavirus.

Dr. Rahban says people have been clamoring for surgeries during the outbreak, but appointments are now open and this week he’s gonna start seeing patients again.

Among the new safety procedures at Dr. Rahban’s practice — the lobby will always be empty, patients will text when they arrive, wait and then head directly to a waiting room to ensure there is no contact between patients.

Face masks will be required for all of Dr. Rahban’s patients and staff, and patients will have their temperatures checked upon arrival. There will also be a pre-screening over the phone, with questions about recent travel and exposure to the virus.


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