Why AHPR Should Represent You

AHPR is clearly not your typical Public Relations firm.

The firm’s reputation as the top boutique PR firm specializing in healthcare and lifestyle clientele has evolved over 15 successful years. No client falls through the cracks because they’re too big or too small.

The dynamics that set us apart start with access to marquee media.

We know the media that count and, more importantly, they know us. They respect and trust our editorial judgment because we think as they do. We know their language, their tempo and what they need.

AHPR shines when our clients shine. That principle guides our work every single day.

Results are what we are simply about. Immediacy is our watchword. We succeed where others falter, shining a media spotlight where it’s deserved.

We take pride in our experience – our team is millennial-friendly while never shy about sharing wisdom gained from our collective years in the trenches. Every client receives the full value of our team. We avoid account executives in favor of working collectively to give our clients the advantage of multiple talents. No account executives here, junior or otherwise. The AHPR team is proactive, creative, aggressive and tenacious on behalf of every client.

Our network of solid media relationships encompasses the most respected in their field, from local to national to global. No media stone is left unturned.

We have the testimonials from various media and clients to prove it. We do not make empty promises – we deliver instead.

One of this firm’s hallmarks is enthusiasm – what we call the secret fuel of our success. And it’s contagious.



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