Bustle / Dr. Anna Guanche

Pregnant Chinese Women Have Been Eating Pearl Powder For Generations To Give Their Kids Clear Skin

March 1, 2018


If I were to line up next to my sisters, the difference is immediately noticeable: where my skin is a bit patchy and unmemorable, their skin radiates. Both of their faces have a discrete, poreless glow, and I’m certain you could bounce a kernel of rice off their cheeks. The frustrating thing is, they don’t do anything differently than what I do for skin care. We all grew up eating the same things, doing the same extracurricular activities, and exercising the same mindful skin care regimens. To this day, we still use the same night creams. But our mother traces the difference to one thing she did before each of us was born: She had eaten pearl powder while she was pregnant with them but had skipped it with me.

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