Simon & Schuster informed us that our book is getting a second printing. I don't think we would have had this success without AHPR INC. Thank you so much for standing by us.
Genevieve Wong Genevieve Wong Co-Author of Healing Herbal Soups
  Arlene! Your booking made us the number one best seller in Chinese medicine on Amazon! We are now in the top 3000 books sold! Thank you for everything. You truly delivered.
Genevieve Wong Genevieve Wong Co-Author of Healing Herbal Soups
  As CEO of Aier-USA, part of the world’s largest eye group servicing 3 billion people worldwide, Arlene Howard has played a critically important role in our growth! I have worked with Arlene and her company since 2017, and although I had previously worked with many public relations firms, I can confidently say that our experience with Arlene and her organization has far surpassed any of them. Arlene and her team care deeply about their clients, customize their work based on the specific needs of each client, and work extremely hard to follow through on each task and make the interests of their clients a top priority. The most impressive aspect of Arlene and her team’s work is the RESULTS. They have produced some of the best PR results for us that we have ever experienced, including the production of a major article about Aier-USA in Forbes Magazine, articles in USA Today and EyeWorld, the authoritative magazine of our profession, and prominent TV appearances such as the one on Daystar, one of the country’s top Christian TV networks. If you are looking for the best, one-stop-shop company that truly cares for your business’ success, who will go the extra mile to make things happen for you, can produce prominent national PR exposures, and is totally dedicated to providing results to help your company move into the highest level of business success, Arlene Howard Public Relations should be your #1 choice!
Ming Wang Ming Wang Harvard & MIT (MD, magna cum laude); PhD (laser physics), director of Wang Vision Institute, Nashville, TN
  As a former producer on a prominent TV news franchise, I met and got calls from publicists on a daily basis. While I have good relationships with several of them, Arlene is one of the few whom I truly trust and respect. So it was a no-brainer that when it came time to promote my book, Healing Herbal Soups, I would enlist Arlene to do the PR. Not surprisingly, she delivered with flying colors.
Genevieve Wong Genevieve Wong Producer | Writer | Journalist
  When I signed up with Arlene Howard PR, I was expecting to be disappointed yet again by another vendor. In a few weeks, Arlene’s firm has generated guest appearances on KTLA, NBC, and Dr. Drew and blurbs in Bustle, Healthline, and Reuters Health. Arlene’s firm has exceeded my expectations in a very short amount of time. I highly recommend her.
Ben Spielberg M.S. Ben Spielberg M.S. Founder TMS & Brain Health
  I am a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and have worked with no less than 4 different PR companies prior to working with Arlene and her team.  I had worked with large as well as small boutique firms.  At the end they were all the same. They promise you the world and then are nowhere to be found.  Arlene and her team not only have done what we intended but so much more.  Arlene is tenacious, persistent and tireless and will do what it takes to get the job done.  I recommend her with confidence and pleasure.
Rady Rahban MD, FACS Rady Rahban MD, FACS Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
  As we sought to establish our boutique medical practice in Los Angeles, we needed a crack PR firm to break ranks and to lead the pack. We found Arlene Howard. For designing and executing brand awareness, Arlene and her firm are second to none. Arlene Howard PR is truly the industry prophet. Master of their craft, their industry connections are literally Who’s Who in Los Angeles. They also knew our needs and addressed them like we were family. Their pitches were spot on. Arlene Howard herself has twice the energy of those half her age and clearly holds a deep love for what she does. Throw in her creative, out-of-the-box thinking and her razor-sharp wit and watch things fly! For us, AHPR led us to placement in the New York Times, Playboy, US News and World Report and the Atlantic Monthly and a host of others. With this wickedly good skillset, Arlene Howard’s firm produced the only thing that matters: Results. Impact. Visibility. Awareness. Reputation. Connection. On a 5-star scale, they score an easy 6.
Paul Turek MD, FACS, FRSM Paul Turek MD, FACS, FRSM Director, The Turek Clinics
  Arlene and her AHPR team are simply the best in the business, the “A Team.” Arlene was recommended to me by a physician friend of mine for whom she had coordinated national media spots on top shows like the Today Show and Nightline. Arlene and I have only been working together for a few months, yet she has already arranged appearances for me with Forbes and Wall Street Journal, and I am on track to be on The Doctors as well…such an amazing accomplishment! Arlene and her team are dedicated, hard-working, creative, successful, and to top it off, they are so fun to work with. Arlene truly takes her clients’ interests to heart, and she rejoices and takes pride in their ultimate success! I highly recommend Arlene and her “A Team!”
Ming Wang MD; phD Ming Wang MD; phD CEO of Aier-USA, director of Wang Vision Institute, Nashville, TN, USA
  Arlene Howard is one of the best, if not the best, in her field. She has been in the business for a long time, which means she's very well connected and knows all the ins and outs. She doesn't accept anyone that just walks into her office, but when and if you are fortunate enough to be her client, she will love you and she will fight for you. Can't be more grateful to work with Arlene.
Kien Vuu MD Kien Vuu MD
  AHPR is phenomenal! I have been with them for less than two months and we have already secured a television appearance as well as multiple media mentions. Arlene and team immediately connected with members of my team to optimize communication and efficiency. Her social media advisers have given us valuable tips and support. I am impressed!
Anna D Guanche MD Anna D Guanche MD Bella Skin Institute
  Biodent is thrilled with Arlene Howard PR representation. We made the selection of this firm based on their good work with our colleagues and not more than a few months into our contract she has already delivered beyond any initial expectations. Other PR firms we have used in the past cannot compare with the professionalism, integrity, and creativity of AHPR. We intend on maintaining a long-term relationship with this firm.
Gerard Casale Gerard Casale VP Business and Legal Affairs
  Arlene Howard Public Relations is an attentive, compassionate and incredibly tenacious group PR go-getters! We greatly appreciate their hard work and dedication. They are an integral part and absolute asset to our team.
Tracy Reynolds Tracy Reynolds Marketing Department at Southern California Reproductive Center
  If you are a medical professional or corporation looking for extraordinary people to relay your good news to the media, look no further. Arlene Howard and her staff give focused and enthusiast PR services that go beyond the industry standard. Her approach to PR is a team effort and you must meet her, there's no one like Arlene to get the message out.
April Neale April Neale
  Arlene Howard is very professional, kind, and a joy to be around. No wonder her clients adore her so! Thanks for everything!
Brandy Nelson Brandy Nelson
  As the inventor of ULTRA-TOOTH and partner of Biodent, Inc. I want to categorically state that our experience with AHPR, Inc. -Arlene Howard PR has been beyond expectations. They deliver what they promise in the exact time frame. They have significantly raised our media profile. Their entire team's work ethics are exceptional. I have had prior PR experiences that fell far short of the promises made but not AHPR. In my book they are the best in the business!
Sargon Lazaroff Sargon Lazaroff Biodent, Inc.
  “One of the best business decisions I have made was hiring AHPR as my PR/publicity representatives. They deliver what they promise and beyond and are diligent in their work efforts. Their entire team works on behalf of THE HILLS with great enthusiasm and continuous hi-end media results. She's the best PR woman I've ever had. Couldn’t be happier!!!”
Howard Samuels Howard Samuels Founder & CEO THE HILLS TREATMENT CENTER
  "I worked with Arlene on a start-up to build brand awareness for Counting Sheep Coffee. I found her and her organization professional, responsive and effective. Arlene even went beyond her duties by introducing us to potential investors and legal advisors. I personally enjoyed working with Arlene and her team.”
Deland Jessop Deland Jessop Founding Partner - PolicePrep
  Arlene's communication skills are only surpassed by her persistence to get the job done-and done right. She's the person you want on your team.
Lee Iacocca Lee Iacocca Business Icon
  We hired Arlene and her team to publicize our Peel and skin care line in 2016 after interviewing several other companies. We found Arlene and her entire team to be hardworking, responsive and genuinely excited about our product. They quickly understood our product, our PR targets and how to get our product out there to TV, print and online media. Arlene got us on several national TV shows within a short time period. I recommend AHPR without hesitation if you want an established, hardworking and well connected team of professional to publicize your product or service.
Nafeh Sebai Nafeh Sebai CEO: The Perfect Derma
  “Arlene Howard and her expert team are the perfect partners for Cliffside Malibu and our public relations efforts. AHPR went beyond our expectations in offering us personalized attention and creative ideas that put our business at the top of the list when media outlets need experts in the field of addiction. Our higher profile is due to their expertise, tenacity and wide-reaching media relationships. The AHPR team members are passionate about their work. I would recommend Arlene Howard Public Relations without hesitation to anyone who is looking achieve greater visibility with dedicated professionals who know their way around the media.”
Richard Taite Richard Taite CEO and Founder: Cliffside Malibu Treatment Center
  "I had spent an evening with a prospective client at a conference in Florida. We'd had dinner and discussed the possibility of a year-long contract. During my follow up call with him the next week, he mentioned that on his flight home, he saw my photo and comments in an article in the Alaska Airlines magazine. Jokingly, he said he had no idea he was dining with such a big shot. The press that Arlene Howard PR has generated for my small company in just the span of six months is far beyond our wildest expectations."
Rebecca Brooks Rebecca Brooks Co-Founder: Alter Agents
  “The greatest PR firm I have ever worked with”
Richard Taite Richard Taite Founder/CEO – Cliffside Malibu Treatment Center
  “You guys are exceeding expectations”
Rebecca Brooks Rebecca Brooks Co-Founder: Alter Agents
  "AHPR excels because they really get to know the client and his business. They dig deep to uncover great story ideas that every organization has lying fallow, and just waiting for consumption by the media. Arlene and her team are the consummate PR professionals."
Akikur Mohammad Akikur Mohammad M.D., CEO, Inspire Malibu
  “I’m impressed with how quickly the AHPR team was able to deliver, and how little time and effort was required of me. The secret to their success is their team approach. Imagine what one seasoned, highly creative publicist with great media contacts can do for your PR campaign. Now multiply that by seven.”
Jaime Hernandez, M.D. Jaime Hernandez, M.D. Southern California Orthopedic Institute
  Dearest Arlene, I have good news to share with you! Our show America Now has been nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Lifestyle Program category. I want to thank you for all of the support you gave our show. We considered you one of the team and believe your efforts and the contributions of your very talented clients contributed to our rating success and now our nomination! Please stay in touch!
Dana Millikin Dana Millikin Executive Producer of America Now
  As founder of the Furry Angel Foundation, I'm extremely grateful to Arlene Howard PR for their help in exposing our angels and charity with KTLA featuring them on Sunday mornings. Our rescued dogs are finding wonderful families and forever homes because of their help.
Donna Harrington Donna Harrington Founder/CEO of Furry Angel Foundation
  Your work in publicizing our grand opening of Galpin Aston Martin’s Club Aston was nothing short of sensational! Who would have dreamed that the event would be televised around the world. The quality of your work and that of your staff, your timeliness and attentiveness, set a standard that others should strive to emulate.
H.F. Boeckmann II H.F. Boeckmann II
  I’ve worked with Arlene Howard for years. In the fast-paced, cut-throat world of live morning television, Arlene stood out among the hundreds of publicists emailing and calling in pitches to me. Why? Because she does not pitch generically. She knows her client, she knows her media outlet and she sends pitches that are personally crafted. I am in awe of her energy, perseverance, persistence and genuine love of helping clients get the exposure they deserve. She is a creative mind and always brainstorming who and how to put her clients on the map. Any business looking for an A+ publicist would be lucky to get Arlene and her team behind them.
Nicole Prentice Williams Nicole Prentice Williams President, Prentice Williams Media
  It seems the Arlene Howard team is always searching for that next opportunity that presents in the media. I have been surprised to be contacted by Arlene or her staff on weekends, or later in the evening when something exciting is about to happen. Arlene’s personal relationships and attention to detail has provided our practice with opportunities that have added to our cache in the field of plastic surgery throughout the world. Arlene’s service has, even in these tough economic times, added to my bottom line. The media hits she's orchestrated have allowed me to enhance my website with videos from a list of television shows that gives my practice a competitive edge, along with prestige and future opportunity.
Dr. Constantino Mendieta Dr. Constantino Mendieta Beauty Aesthetic Institute for Plastic Surgery
  In the more than 25 years I have worked with Arlene Howard, she has always been a consummate professional. When you work with Arlene, you know you are getting the best. Her word is your bond, and she has a dedication to her clients that is unparalleled.
John Salamone John Salamone
  I wanted to let you know that we signed a marquee account yesterday that was already being courted by our much larger main competitor. This account was ready to sign with our competitor, but decided to give us a call based on the front-page coverage that Arlene secured for us in the LA Business Journal. Our competitor spent months selling this account on the concept, and we simply came in at the end and demonstrated that we had a better offering and better team. This one account alone will pay for the last 12 months of your fees. Thank you!
Matthew Jacobson Matthew Jacobson CEO, SignatureMD
  I have known Arlene personally and professionally for over 25 years. In all that time I can say without a doubt she takes better care of her clients than any other public relations person I have known. Her communication skills are only surpassed by her persistence to get the job done – and done right. She’s the person you want on your team in a time of crisis as well as the person you want in your corner as a friend.
Lee Iacocca Lee Iacocca Author & former President of Ford Motor Company
  I feel very comfortable referring my clients to Arlene Howard PR as she gets results and always delivers what she promises.
Patty Glaser Patty Glaser Glaser Weil Fink Jacobs Howard Avchen & Shapiro
  Arlene Howard PR is excellent at what they do. With only a month on board I’m extremely impressed with not only the attention we are given but with how quickly things are progressing. They’ve taken the time to really understand our business and are by far exceeding expectations.
Dr. Mohammad, M.D. Dr. Mohammad, M.D.
  Working with Arlene Howard PR and working with Arlene personally has been a great experience . In short she gets the job done and produces what she says she can produce !! If I had to give her a nick name I would say go-getter!! Her entire team is on the ball and don't let anything slip through the cracks !!
Mary Murphy Mary Murphy So You Think You Can Dance
  Arlene and her team are a no nonsense, hardworking, leave-no-stoneunturned bunch. They do it all, and at warp speed. No baloney or false promises, just results, guaranteed to get your phone ringing o the hook, re you are prepared for it, definitely beyond your wildest dreams.
Thom E Lobe, MD Thom E Lobe, MD Founder, Beneveda Medical Group
  Your professionalism and hard work really were quite apparent in your work on this project.
Paul Dougherty, MD Paul Dougherty, MD LaserVision