Monsters & Critics / Jill Miller The Tao of Posture: One Woman’s Fight to Save You From Yourself April 30, 2013

The Tao of Posture: One Woman’s Fight to Save You From Yourself

The TODAY Show featured one of the most celebrated fitness experts in the United States, Jill Miller, whose exercise philosophy is rooted in her own trial and error to wellness.

Miller’s path to enlightenment came through many obstacles, including overcoming bulimia, to become one of the most respected and called upon experts in anti-aging posture practice, pain management and her signature Yoga Tune Up® courses taught at Equinox fitness clubs across the country.

Miller educated the masses on the Today Show (April 29, 2013) on the curse of the modern age: The “C slump,” where gravity sucks you down and compromises your core muscles and your spine, causing everything from pain to incontinence as it ages your body before its time.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Miller’s approach is a high energy saturation of information presented in interesting and easy to follow snippets of physiology and anatomy that empower anyone in her audience to instantly improve their overall wellness.

Ban the Slump!

Our bodies like to take the easy way out. Gravity is irresistible at times, and it takes awareness and strength to maintain an organized upright posture, especially if your job involves sitting at a desk all day or other repetitive tasks.


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The Plastic Princess / Jill Miller Fitness guru Jill Miller reveals how to get great posture April 30, 2013

Fitness guru Jill Miller reveals how to get great posture

Posture can make or break a woman. While perfect posture signals poise and class, bad posture can actually affect your health.

Fitness guru Jill Miller was featured on the Today show Monday morning for a segment on posture and shared the do’s and don’ts.

Jill is teaching people about their Body Blind Spots — these are areas of the body that are overused, underused, misused or abused and catalysts for injury. She recently explained the notion of Body Blind Spots otherwise known as proprioception on WebMD.

Watch Jill on Today, and below she shares her tips for perfect posture.

1. Aside from back pain, what are some of the lesser known real dangers of poor posture?

They are numerous and serious. For starters, what people tend to not realize is that poor posture creates multiple distortions throughout the ribcage. This may not sound like much, but these bony changes are disrupting vital systems of the body such as breathing and digestion. Your long-term slumping or leaning literally reforms the bones of the ribcage and spine, thus creating your own scoliosis. The imbalanced rib cage and spinal vertebrae then shift the line of pull on the most central muscle of the human body, the respiratory diaphragm.The diaphragm is your primary breathing muscle and when it becomes loaded with its own trigger points, stiffness, or weakness, it can create a host of physiological dysfunctions. The diaphragm is directly linked to the stress response and the emotional centers in the brain. Hence, improper breathing accelerates sympathetic overwhelm in the nervous system.


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American Council on Exercise / Jill Miller Bring a Little Om into Your Clients’ Lives April 25, 2013

Bring a Little Om into Your Clients’ Lives

By Carrie Myers

Do your clients and participants struggle to maintain focus during their workouts? Long the domain of traditional mind-body workouts like yoga and Pilates, mindfulness has made its way into mainstream fitness activities as well. In fact, increasing mindfulness in just about any type of workout not only helps increase its effectiveness, but could potentially lower one’s risk of injury as well. If learning how to help your clients make better mind-body connections, whether through yoga or other modalities, is one of your goals as a fitness professional, the ACE Mind Body Specialty Certification may be a perfect fit for you.

It is important to note that, even if you’re not interested in specifically teaching yoga or Pilates, you can still benefit from this specialty certification. As celebrity nutritionist, fitness trainer and author of Yes You Can: The Achievable Diet, Diana Le Dean says, connecting your mind to your body is necessary for full function.

“Mindful clients will become more active in their daily lives,” she explains. “Too many people walk around with great-looking bodies they don’t know how to use. A sculpted body that isn’t connected to the mind is like a gilded frame with no painting. When you think about how to develop a muscle group you also learn how to use it, and you’re anxious to try it out. Everyday living becomes easier and more efficient if we teach our clients and students how to connect the mind to the body.”

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Raskin - Monsters and Critics / Dr. Damon Raskin Sharon Osbourne ‘devastated’ and addresses Ozzy rumors April 24, 2013


Sharon Osbourne ‘devastated’ and addresses Ozzy rumors

“The Talk” star Sharon Osbourne sets the record straight on recent reports about her and Ozzy: ” We’re dealing with it. We’re not getting divorced. However, am I happy? No. Am I upset? Yes I am – I’m devastated right now.” (more…)

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Raskin - Monsters and Critics / Dr. Damon Raskin Everyone pulling for Ozzy and Sharon, addiction expert says Ozzy ‘must keep trying’ April 16, 2013


Everyone pulling for Ozzy and Sharon, addiction expert says Ozzy ‘must keep trying’

Classic American TV from the 1950s featured “Ozzie and Harriet,” a family that weathered the trials and tribulations of married life with teenage children.

The MTV reality TV series “The Osbournes” aired from 2002 to 2005, and brought us the antics of a different Ozzy, rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife of many years, Sharon Osbourne and two of their three children. The show was a huge hit and a raucous glimpse inside an unconventional traditional family who were, like the fictitious “Ozzie and Harriet,” cemented together with love despite their many well publicized demons.

Today, the tabloids are filled with reports that Sharon Osbourne may be divorcing Ozzy after all these years, but today reports surfaced through an interview Ozzy granted Rolling Stone magazine that refutes these rumors. He admits, ‘I have been drinking and taking drugs’ for 18 months,” and he further apologizes publicly to his family for his relapse. He also denies the divorce talk.

Black Sabbath is prepping for the June 11th release of their new album 13, which marks the group’s first release with Osbourne on vocals since 1978′s Never Say Die! The band will premiere a new “End of the Beginning” will premiere on the May 15th season finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Black Sabbath have announced four North American concert dates this summer.


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