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March 1, 2011

Michel’s Story: Gastric Bypass Patient Shares His Success

After losing nearly 200 pounds, Michel is helping others lose weight and find the happiness he has in better health.

Gastric bypass surgery is a useful tool in the battle against obesity. For many who have gotten to the point that their weight is causing them serious health issues, it is the fastest solution to get their weight back on track. We had the pleasure of speaking to a patient, Michel, who told us his story of weight loss success and how he is maintaining a year after surgery.

“I weighed almost 400 pounds about year ago and I’ve lost close to 200 in a year’s time. I grew up in a Sicilian family so we’re all big eaters with big appetites. My parents are both overweight and I fought weight issues my whole life,” says Michel. He decided to make a change for himself and his family. He has a wife and 10 year old daughter and says he finally found the right center to help him both medically and mentally to face the challenge of weight loss.

Michel chose the Khalili Center for Bariatric Care in Beverly Hills and had a gastric bypass procedure in which the physician creates a very small stomach pouch and the rest of the stomach is permanently separated. This is different from gastric banding procedures like the Lap-Band which is reversible.

gastric bypass before and after
Michel, Gastric Bypass Patient, Before and After his surgery


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Los Angeles Times / Uncategorized What to consider about weight-loss surgery February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

What to consider about weight-loss surgery


By Thomas H. Maugh II, Los Angeles Times

A patient is prepared for banding surgery. Several options exist for bariatric, or weight-loss, surgery. (Brian Vander Brug, Los Angeles Times / February 27, 2011)

With record U.S. obesity rates and newly expanded Food and Drug Administration eligibility criteria for Lap-Band surgery, more and more Americans may be mulling the possibility of going beyond diet and exercise to tackle their weight and the medical problems that come with it.

Those deciding on the surgical route face the often-baffling choice of which procedure is for them. Although there are some broad guidelines, experts say, the final choice comes down to what both patient and doctor are comfortable with.

“It’s very hard to scientifically answer the question” of which procedure is right for a patient, said Dr. Mitchell Roslin, chief of bariatric surgery at Northern Westchester Hospital in Mt. Kisco, N.Y. “Every time you answer the question, you are getting somebody’s personal bias.”


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ABC News / Uncategorized Weight Loss Surgery: Bar for Lap Band Lowered, but Is Gastric Bypass Better? February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011

Weight Loss Surgery: Bar for Lap Band Lowered, but Is Gastric Bypass Better?


Experts Weigh Risks, Benefits of Both Procedures

By KATIE MOISSE, ABC News Medical Unit

On the heels of a Feb. 16 decision by the Food and Drug Administration to make millions more people eligible for laparoscopic gastric banding (lap band) weight loss surgery, a new study suggests the more invasive gastric bypass may be better.

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, compared the effects of lap band and gastric bypass among 200 morbidly obese patients treated at the UCSF Bariatric Surgery Program. Gastric bypass led to greater weight loss, increased resolution of diabetes and improved quality of life one year after surgery, they reported today in Archives of Surgery.


Read More / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Ingrid en el supermercado February 24, 2011

February 23, 2011

Ingrid en el supermercado


Ingrid en el supermercado

En este Delicioso aprovechamos al máximo el tiempo y el dinero. Con una visita al supermercado  vamos a preparar seis recetas que presentaremos en este y el próximo show. (Puedes encontrar la lista del supermercado debajo de este artículo)  Las primeras tres  incluyen unas deliciosas Tostadas de Camarones Ahumados con Ensalada de Col y Chipotle, Albóndigas de Arroz y Ensalada de Fajita con Aderezo de Jalapeño. ¿Y adivinen quien se sienta con nosotros a la mesa para compartir la comida?  La bella Chiquinquira Delgado está en la casa de Delicioso.


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The Bellingham Herald / Dr. Constantino Mendieta Chasing shifting body ideals: Homework still a must February 24, 2011

February 24, 2011

Chasing shifting body ideals: Homework still a must

Blame it on Jennifer Lopez.

She and other entertainers with bodacious backsides – Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian among them – have helped make many women feel insecure about yet another part of their bodies: their butts.

Once a piece of real estate that almost no woman would want to enlarge, the ideal butt for some now must be round as a balloon, perky, and well-defined. That’s hard to achieve naturally when you’re also striving for the anorexic look or fighting the sags and realignment that age and gravity inevitably bring.

Hence a new demand for butt-enhancing medical procedures – a desire that had tragic consequences recently when an English medical tourist died after black-market butt injections she received in a hotel room near Philadelphia International Airport.


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