Time / Dr. Gail Gross Master The Moment October 3, 2018

Body Acne

Want to feel less tense, wherever you are? You can use these six scientifically proven techniques to rewire the body’s stress response


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WNY Family Magazine / Dr. Gail Gross Issues Families Face: Link Between Stability & Success May 5, 2016

Arlene Howard | Gail Gross

The bonding process begins in the womb. Once born, infants thrive on the voice and touch of a consistent caregiver. So, from the start, stability and security provide an anchor for human growth and development.

As a child, I instinctively knew if something bad happened — anything from catching chicken pox to navigating a personality clash with a classroom teacher — my parents would always be there to support me. I always had family to lean on and a home to escape to when the going got rough. At the time, I had no clue that this stable and loving environment would help shape me into a confident and grounded adult. However, I realize now that I subconsciously paid it forward when it came to raising my own children, providing a cushion when they stumbled and a safe haven filled with unconditional acceptance.

A stable environment provides nurturing caregivers, unconditional love, consistent discipline, and a dependable and safe living space. This secure and protective environment shapes a child’s perspective of himself and the world around him. It is the springboard that sets in motion a path to happiness and overall well-being. It is the bedrock to a child’s future success. (more…)

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Healthline / Dr. Gail Gross 9 Ways to Avoid Parenting Mistakes Your Parents Made May 4, 2016

9 Ways to Avoid Parenting Mistakes Your Parents Made

Parenting is hard work.

It’s probably the hardest job you’ll ever have, and there are no vacations or sick days. You’re trying to help another human become a functional member of society, which sounds like a pretty intimidating task. But it’s also incredibly rewarding when you do it well. (more…)

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She Knows / Dr. Gail Gross The 9 types of selfies guys take decoded by relationship experts March 1, 2016

The 9 types of selfies guys take decoded by relationship experts

Think of a man’s selfie as a crystal ball into his soul — and a fairly reliable indicator of whether he’s thinking about his abs, friends or settling down and having lots of babies. (more…)

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Yahoo / Dr. Gail Gross 5 essential qualities of successful people February 12, 2016

Many times, the chances of success in a company or target are measured with certain qualities in common that successful people often share. Find out if the have, to know what would be your chances of success.

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Univision / Dr. Gail Gross Promoting (Encouraging) Your Baby’s First Words January 26, 2016

Promoting (Encouraging) Your Baby's First Words

Discover how to stimulate your baby’s language. (more…)

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Univision / Dr. Gail Gross Lessons for Sons January 19, 2016
Aim these teachings that every child should receive.

Aim these teachings that every child should receive.

Although much has changed, the idea still persists that men should not appear weak, dependent or sensitive. Forget the stereotypes! Best regards these teachings to educate sons. (more…)

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The Stir / Dr. Gail Gross How to Talk to a BFF Who Is Suffering From Depression January 6, 2016

Being a friend to someone with depression can be tricky, and sometimes even just talking with them can be difficult. Of course, that’s not to say you’re having a harder time with their depression than they are, but navigating their mental illness and finding the best ways to help them is a challenge in itself. So how are you supposed to act when your best friend is depressed? (more…)

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Western New York Family Magazine / Dr. Gail Gross Issues Families Face: Are You Raising A Leader? January 5, 2016

Many years ago, I used to help out in my daughter’s kindergarten class. I remember one female student who always seemed to be in charge. When the class would break up into groups, this little one would embrace her teacher persona, immediately directing those around her. On the playground, she was always surrounded by her peers who were invariably hanging on her every word.


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Ask Men / Dr. Gail Gross How To Avoid Being Replaced December 21, 2015

How To Avoid Being Replaced

It’s Not You, It’s Him: How To Avoid Being Replaced

Relationships are like any other sort of partnership – if both sides are not pulling their weight, one partner may re-assess whether they are with the right partner. (more…)

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Jewish Press / Dr. Gail Gross Family Issues and Toxic Friendships December 8, 2015

Dr. Gail Gross discusses Toxic Friendships in Jewish Press.

Read More: (more…)

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Women's Health / Dr. Gail Gross The Long-Term Effect of Weight Teasing on Girls December 8, 2015
The Long-Term Effect of Weight Teasing on Girls1

Jennifer Leslie was always the tallest kid in her class, but also the heaviest. She was never an unhealthy eater, but was constantly ridiculed for her size. (more…)

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yahoo news / Dr. Gail Gross The Last People to Know How Young People Are Feeling December 7, 2015
The Last People to Know How Young People Are Feeling

When it comes to judging emotional states, the obvious best judges may not be.

“I’m never going anywhere ever again!” my 10-year-old screams as I try to get her out the door for swim practice. She’s bitter that I’ve asked her to put down her iPad, but her teenage-style angst has led me to believe that youngsters take to hyperbole like celebs to silicone. (more…)

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care.com / Dr. Gail Gross Mastering Co-Ed Sibling Relationships With Your Kids December 3, 2015

Mastering Co-Ed Sibling Relationships With Your Kids

Sibling relationships are tough, and spats between brothers and sisters can be especially epic. If it’s not about who has the purple cup, it’s about who has the most pterodactyl-shaped chicken nuggets. Or it’s about who gets more time in the bathroom, or which show to watch. (more…)

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dougstephan.com / Dr. Gail Gross How to Survive Family Holiday Celebrations December 2, 2015

How to Survive Family Holiday Celebrations

Most people hitting the road this holiday season will be heading to family gatherings. Which means that, for many, time away from home won’t feel much like a vacation. According to an American Psychological Association poll, 1 in every 4 adults reports feeling “extreme stress” during the holidays. (more…)

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healthline.com / Dr. Gail Gross Aggression in Children: Causes and Solutions December 2, 2015

Aggression in Children: Causes and Solutions

When children display aggressive behavior, it can be both alarming and challenging for parents, teachers, and other caregivers. But children aren’t born aggressive; these behaviors come from a variety of external causes. (more…)

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marketwatch.com / Dr. Gail Gross Parents may be cracking under the holiday pressure December 2, 2015
Parents may be cracking under the holiday pressure

Mission: Accomplished

Don’t get in the way of a parent looking to get a hot holiday gift for their kid. (more…)

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livestrong.com / Dr. Gail Gross How to Deal With Your Family During the Holidays December 1, 2015

How to Deal With Your Family During the Holidays

The holidays are often idealized through images of cheerful meals set around cozy dinner tables, families nestled in their living rooms enjoying cocoa and loved ones with wide smiles exchanging gifts. Reality, however, may be much different than the Hallmark versions of the season, when your nearest and dearest, with their various and sometimes conflicting personalities, gather for your annual family get-together. (more…)

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Parenting / Dr. Gail Gross How to Handle 4 Painfully Awkward Parenting Moments November 23, 2015

Expert shares tips on turning four uncomfortable situations into teachable parenting moments.


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Real Simple / Dr. Gail Gross 8 Ways to Not Make the Holidays All About Presents November 19, 2015


There’s more to the season than 60 seconds of frantic wrapping-paper ripping. These expert tips and proven family favorites will take your holiday cheer to a new, more meaningful level. (more…)

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Sydney Morning Herald / Dr. Gail Gross Why optimistic people are more likely to be duped November 3, 2015

The suspicion that positivity can easily shade into credulity is deeply ingrained.

In the first six months of 2015 Australians were fleeced of $45 million. The loss raises questions about how you avoid being scammed and the secret could be to get grumpy. (more…)

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Ask Men / Dr. Gail Gross Ways Relationships Are Just Like Business October 27, 2015

How Love Is Like Business

Keep Your Girlfriend Close, But Your Enemies Closer: 13 Ways Relationships Are Like Business


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Univision / Dr. Gail Gross How to Make Your Child Stop Crying October 15, 2015

Consider these keys to help you manage whining.

By: Cintia Saporito

Even if you already speak with ease, to some crying children, the first response to any situation is tiny whining. As much as we try to satisfy them, they always seem to find reasons to turn to tears. Do you feel that your patience has become exhausted? It is time to help them to overcome the permanent ‘whining’. (more…)

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Univision.com / Dr. Gail Gross How to Survive the Around Classes September 10, 2015

A smaller, back to school can cause them feelings. While they may appear very happy about it one day, the next they might express anxiety, fear or insecurity. These key points and make more bearable adaptation to the routine. (more…)

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Univision.com / Dr. Gail Gross Teach your Children the Virtue of Silence September 10, 2015

What mother has not ever felt mad by the noise at home? Let’s face it: teenage children, our children are usually screaming. They talk loudly, yelling while playing stick, put loud music, use the TV in the background and they even love banging around. How we’d love to appreciate silence.  It’s time to teach their value.    (more…)

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Monsters & Critics / Dr. Gail Gross Why Is Anna Staying with Josh Duggar? Paging Dr. Gail Gross August 21, 2015


Pedophile preacher Josh Duggar admits to cheating on his wife after the Ashley Madison hack revealed he had two paid accounts. Duggar and his wife, Anna, were married in 2008 and have four children. (more…)

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Monsters & Critics / Dr. Gail Gross Child Expert Disagrees With Steelers James Harrison’s Tough Trophy Love August 18, 2015


Not everyone agrees with the tough trophy love doled out in James Harrison’s house.

The Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker posted on Instagram saying he was taking away his kids’ participation trophies because he wants them to “EARN a real trophy.” (more…)

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Monsters & Critics / Dr. Gail Gross Child Expert Sides With David Beckham In ‘Binky’ Brouhaha August 17, 2015


 Soccer legend David Beckham defended his daughter Harper after a Daily Mail article published photos of the four-year-old with a pacifier in her mouth. The Mail’s speculated that the child would suffer in “speech” or have “dental issues.” (more…)

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Univision.com / Dr. Gail Gross Early Stimulation to their Full Potential August 17, 2015

Do you want your baby to grow to be a successful college? Start now!

We live in a hypercompetitive world, and as moms who want the best for our children, it is essential that, from young, we teach the tools that could help them succeed in the future. Do you dream that your little one can stand out in the college day? We tell you what early stimulation exercises that could help realize their potential are. (more…)

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Parenting.com / Dr. Gail Gross The True Effects of Parents Shaming Their Kids Online August 7, 2015

A mom posts a video online blasting her teen daughter for posting racy photos to Facebook. Another mom takes advantage of a barber shop offering to give her son an “old man haircut” to teach him a lesson, then shares the photos on social media. These parents’ online child shaming acts are far from rare. Just search “child-shaming video” on YouTube, and you will find more than 30,000 matches. (more…)

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Care.com / Dr. Gail Gross 2- and 3-Year-Old Tantrums — and Beyond! August 7, 2015
3-year-old crying

If you’re worried what to do about those 2-year-old tantrums (or 3-year-old tantrums, and so on), you’re not alone. Many parents find themselves at the mercy of their child’s screams when they’ve said “no” to a plea for a toy or snack. Usually these stormy scenes play out in a public place. While passersby stare in judgment, you want to hide in a hole. (more…)

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Yahoo! / Dr. Gail Gross Being too friendly and accommodating might contribute to depression August 5, 2015
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The Healthline / Dr. Gail Gross Parenting Styles: Which One Is Right for You? August 5, 2015


Different Parenting Styles

When you’re a parent, there will be times when you wonder if you’re handling a situation in the right way, and there will be times when you’re so frustrated you could scream.

So how do you know what to do or if what you’re doing is on the right track? We asked two parenting experts who explained the differences between parenting styles and highlighted what is important for your child’s development. (more…)
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healthline.com / Dr. Gail Gross 6 Co-Parenting Tips That Really Work July 22, 2015


Divorce can be hard on all of the parties involved, especially children. Separated and divorced parents will still need to communicate in order to make decisions about their kids. While it can be challenging to have a neutral relationship with an ex, it’s important to try and separate those feelings from your parenting duties.


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Success.com / Dr. Gail Gross How to Be More Empathetic in Conversations July 16, 2015


Empathy typically isn’t a trait that springs to mind when you think of professional relationships. But Gail Gross, Ph.D., a family, relationship and child development expert and the host of the PBS radio show Let’s Talk, says empathy is the most important characteristic for relationships, whether at work or with family members or friends. (more…)

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vidayfamilia.univision.com / Dr. Gail Gross What Is Your Parenting Style? July 9, 2015
Authoritarian. These parents are characterized by the rules they expect their children to follow, unquestioningly, no exceptions, leaving little room for negotiation and discussion. There is also little room for children to solve problems that arise them, warns Cathy Durand-Horne, educational coordinator for academies Kids ‘R’ Kids . Do you recognize in this group?
Under this style of parenting, children may have conflicts to solve problems, low self esteem and lack of confidence in their own ability to make decisions. At the same time, they would be big fans of rules and never defy authority, according to the expert. (more…)
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Monsters & Critics / Dr. Gail Gross Childhood Development Expert Digs Deeper Into Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ July 1, 2015


Parents can count on the Pixar animation film “Inside Out” to be an original, heartfelt story about the process of growing up and learning how to handle your biggest emotions.

The film is shot from the POV of 11-year-old Riley’s (Kaitlyn Dias) mind. Baby Riley is born to her loving parents, so is her first emotion, Joy (Amy Poehler), who’s soon joined by Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Anger (Lewis Black), Fear (Bill Hader), and Disgust (Mindy Kaling). The quintet live and work in Headquarters (aka HQ), the part of Riley’s brain that experiences feelings and makes memories. (more…)

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vidayfamilia.univision.com / Dr. Gail Gross How to Make your Child Want to go Out with You! June 29, 2015
Although worship as moms spend as much time with our children (grow so fast!), Sooner or later the age at which they begin the takeoff, and no longer want to join us in our daily outings. What to do? While some quickly accepted the idea that their children are left alone at home when you go out, others want to have their fellow walks one more season. We tell you how to make you want to go. (more…)
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vidayfamilia.univision.com / Dr. Gail Gross Raising the Only Child June 26, 2015

Thinkstock LLC / Picture Quest

Raising an Only Child Presents some Challenges; Learn How to Overcome Them!

Raising an only child brings several questions and challenges: how much pay attention? How to avoid being spoiled? And if you feel alone? Czech useful suggestions from three specialists in the field.  (more…)

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The Hollywood Reporter / Dr. Gail Gross 8 Things ‘Inside Out’ Teaches Viewers About Emotions, Memory and the Mind June 22, 2015

'Inside Out'

Inside Out has officially become Pixar’s most successful original film — Click Photo to View Trailer

How many basic emotions really exist? Can memories or personality islands ever disappear? What should be in a sequel? THR highlights the basic psychological lessons to learn from the Pixar hit. The animated blockbuster goes into the mind of an 11-year-old girl named Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) as she moves across the country with her family — and her emotions: Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black) and Disgust (Mindy Kaling).


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Refinery 29 / Dr. Gail Gross Your 10 WORST Family Vacation Problems, Solved June 19, 2015

When your folks announce plans for a family summer vacation, mixed emotions are bound to arise. There’s excitement for a change of scenery and bonding with seldom-seen siblings — plus, there’s a lot to be said for a trip that you most likely don’t have to plan or fully finance on your own. However, for every unique travel tradition or activity that you look forward to with your clan, there are likely a few drawbacks. (more…)

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Medical Daily / Dr. Gail Gross The Charleston Church Massacre And The Psychological Effects Of Negative Race-Related Media June 19, 2015


It’s like a recurring nightmare: I wake up at five o’clock, make a cup of tea, and turn on the early morning news to find that someone who looks just like me has been murdered or brutalized. Then, somehow, after about an hour of staring at report after report, I get dressed for work and go on with my day like my heart isn’t aching.


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ehow.co.uk / Dr. Gail Gross Kid-friendly Games that Don’t Involve Screens May 26, 2015


We’ve all been there: You’re out in public when your toddler decides to throw an epic tantrum. You try everything in your parenting bag of tricks to calm him down, but nothing’s working. At a loss, you hand him your iPhone. He’s immediately quieted, mesmerized by the shiny display of dancing cartoon characters on the screen. Yes, electronics are the often easiest and most convenient way to keep little ones entertained. However, too much screentime can be detrimental to a child’s growth and development. If you want to combat your tot’s obsession with electronics, you’ll need an arsenal of screen-free, boredom-busting, kid-friendly games. (more…)

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Great Day Houston / Dr. Gail Gross Dr. Gail Gross on the Deborah Duncan Show May 12, 2015

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