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5 essential qualities of successful people

February 12, 2016

Many times, the chances of success in a company or target are measured with certain qualities in common that successful people often share. Find out if the have, to know what would be your chances of success.

5 essential qualities of successful people

Successful people usually have these features in common. Photo: Thinkstock

Top 5 qualities for success

Already said the writer Henry David Thoreau: “Success usually comes to people who are too busy to get a look.” Therefore, success can filed, not the intensity of your search, but how are you certain specific qualities.

·       ”Mr. Popularity”

Without the other, we are nothing. ”Many studies show that the most important characteristic for success is a good personality that allows ‘handle’ other successful people ,” he told Yahoo psychologist expert on relationships, family development, education and behavior, Gail Gross, who shared other traits .

·       Emotional Intelligence

According to the expert, it is as important as academic success. Emotional intelligence is precisely the ability to identify your own emotions and those of others, he defined the journal Psychology Today .

·       Learn to delegate

People who want to control everything, do not become successful. Therefore, it is important “ to recognize that you can not be an expert in all areas , and know how to rally the people around you, and to support and encourage their work,” Gross said.

·       Listening to others and respect others’ ideas

Another essential feature of successful people is that weave networks with others, respect their ideas, know how to listen , and do not need to dominate or control them.They also know build teams, which “opens the door to creativity as important for success,” he stressed the expert.

·       Adapting to change

You know the saying, ‘ You snooze, you lose’ (if you snooze, you lose). If you want to succeed, you must be able to identify when it’s time to leave, change employers or start his own company, said Dan Schawbel, author bestseller on the subject in the journalForbes .

Finally, we leave you with an idea he shared with Yahoo individual and organizational consultant, Wesley Higbee: “Failure is often the result of not defining success. Many people do not even recognize the success tripping over it. Successful people know what success means to them. They do not chase a boat that never ends or ambiguous boat. They know exactly which boat you want, and they know when they have reached. “

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Barbaraine Interviews with: Gail Gross, a psychologist; and Wesley Higbee, consultant.

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