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Lessons for Sons

January 19, 2016
Aim these teachings that every child should receive.

Aim these teachings that every child should receive.

Although much has changed, the idea still persists that men should not appear weak, dependent or sensitive. Forget the stereotypes! Best regards these teachings to educate sons.

Healthy upbringing

The first step to achieve this is to provide your small an environment where they can feel safe to express their feelings, fears and curiosities, said Thomas Gagliano, Master of Social Work and an expert on parenting and relationships. However, for males, it is often more difficult to express their emotions, because society (and some parents) tends to convey that it is a sign of weakness.

Consequently, it is important to help your little boy to establish strong links when I grow up.Aim to do these teachings proposed by Dr. Gail Gross, a psychologist specializing in family and child development.    

‘Be intimate’. No matter what your achievements in life, if it fails to privacy, will not get to be happy. To do this, you must allow yourself to be vulnerable, leaving control aside. So you can connect emotionally with another person.   

Authentic. Only then it can be loved for what it is. This requires you to stay connected with their emotions and express their feelings, rather than bury them deep. 

Respectful. Whoever values ​​to others, you can do yourself. This includes being a gentleman, follow the rules of politeness and good manners. But above all, it is important to teach them to value what the other person says, validating their feelings and being reliable. 

Empathetic. Show him how to somebody else’s shoes to see the world from their perspective.Only then can you really understand his friend. Remember the bully have little empathy; and this is something you can teach your child.

Responsible. Guide him so you can recognize and take over their mistakes. He will learn that your real muscle comes from within. It is important to also understand that their behavior can have lasting effects.  

Follow your inner voice. Teach a man to trust himself, rather than be vulnerable to pressure from their peers. If you manage to believe in their own convictions, it could become a leader

Celebrate your victories. and build your self-esteem and confidence. As a mom, be sure to emphasize his effort, not results, Gagliano emphasized. Then another teaching, according to the expert

Asking for help is not a weakness. Explain that, seek advice from the right people, is a sign of courage. Be a role model and show that you have no problems to seek the assistance of others.

As moms, it is important to give our sons the message that we care and are loved. This will positively influence the way, growing up, they raise their own children and treat the person you love, ended Gagliano.

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