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22 Tips from Influential Marketers as Content Marketing Evolves

November 23, 2015

The content marketing landscape is rapidly evolving. We asked those in the know for their advice on staying ahead of the game.

The Internet is flooded with all sorts of content every day. For content marketers, identifying ways to cut through the noise to promote quality content in the ever-changing landscape of marketing is crucial. Tools like SproutSocial and Buffer make it simple for marketers to push content out through platforms like Babbly, which amplifies content reach. When planned strategically, the combination of quality content and social media tools can boost your content’s visibility and increase engagement with your audience.

A challenge many content marketers face is having a steady stream of reliable content. One way to ensure your marketers have content readily available is to set up a series of expert interviews, like what Virtual Logistics did for their clients. “Virtual Logistics had twenty-eight interview based blog posts which were converted into four e-books including one on e-commerce and supply chain integration,” says Chris Herbert, founder and CMO of Mi6 Agency. “The experts gained additional exposure. It’s a win-win scenario.” An archive of interviews benefits everyone involved and is one way marketers can gather plenty of content to utilize.

We asked 22 content experts for their top tips on standing out from the crowd as content marketing continues to evolve:

  1. “Look to the edges. If businesses can identify where their core audiences’ attention has shifted, they can create exceptional content that lives natively in the platforms it’s distributed on.” – Dallas McLaughlin, Digital Marketing Strategist at The James Agency
  2. “The best way to cut through to clutter is to publish original research.If you do a survey or a study and create a statistic that no one else has, you will have produced something completely original. This is what your audience (and journalists) really want. Create a piece of content that exists nowhere else on the internet!” – Andy Crestodina, Co-founder / Strategic Director of Orbit Media Studios
  3. “Most people focus a lot on content creation but seem to neglect content promotion. Whenever possible, mention influencers in your article then notify them when the post goes live.” – Christopher Gimmer, co-founder of Snappa
  4. “Marketers must create smart global content strategies that deliver native brand experiences that resonate with people – in any language, all cultures and every market that they aspire to serve.” – Judd Marcello, VP of Marketing at Smartling
  5. “I believe content marketers have two equally appealing options: write short content that cuts right to the heart of the issue or write long-form content that stands as your definitive statement on the issue.” – Brock MurrayDirector of Web Marketing at seoplus+
  6. “We carefully select 105 influencers for every piece we publish. Our articles reach a targeted audience, our writers are happy about our promotional efforts, and the process means that as we gain subscribers we make strategic connections as well.” – Cameron Conaway, Content Marketing Manager at Flow
  7. “It seems obvious, but write things that are helpful to your audience and will help them do their jobs better. I often see content that seems to be based on what business owners want their audience to read/see. But if you can give people information that will make them successful, they will want to do business with you so it’s a win-win.” – Jim Belosic, CEO of Shortstack
  8. “The successful content of the future will be more reader friendly, interactive and robust. User experience will gain significance and poorly written content that is stuffed with keywords will fall hard.” – Jason Brewer, CEO of Brolik
  9. “Content marketing should never be black and white. Find the one inch of difference by taking your content, placing it on someone else’s site written by them. Now, content can credibly market your brand.” – Nick Powills, CEO of No Limit Agency & Publisher of 1851 Franchise Magazine
  10. “The key to making quality branded content is to have an authentic story to share and to do so in ways that are both authentic and engaging. Messages need to be conveyed as stories and not as ads.” – Billee Howard, Founder & CEO ofBrandthropologie
  11. “Good content is when you get a user to engage with a post. If you can get the user to connect with you and relate to the content then you have a better chance of getting something effectively viral.” – Gerard Adamsco-founder of Elite Daily
  12. “For a more effective content marketing strategy, marketers need to start prioritizing relevance over reach. We need to present only those assets that pertain to individuals’ needs and interests. This targeted, personalized approach yields much higher conversion rates than the usual “spray and pray” method of generalized content promotion and, importantly, demonstrates respect for the customer.” – Andy Zimmerman, CMO of Evergage
  13. “Marketers are always looking for new ways to get their content seen by more people – but don’t forget about the sales team. Chances are, every sales rep at your company has a deep network of current and potential customers. These are exactly the people whose eyes you want seeing your content – so take advantage of your sales team’s connections!” – Brendan Cournoyer, Director of Content Marketing at Brainshark, Inc.
  14. “When breaking through the content clutter, think story and communication, not ad. Great content communicates your brand in a way that your users can relate to.” – Andre Kay, CEO/CMO of SociallyBuzz
  15. “Treat your content like a product and think like a publisher by focusing on three simple elements: develop an authentic and consistent voice, create content that can be repurposed/customized across platforms, and measure performance against goals.” – Nil Zacharias, Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief, One Green Planet
  16. “We live in the era of semantic search, so embrace it. In practice that means your content should focus on providing answers to questions important to your audience over short articles that target specific keywords or phrases.” – Sam Arnold, Senior Marketing Analyst at SeatGeek
  17. “Content marketing must have a strong point of view. To cut through the clutter, a marketer has to make their brand pop with bold statements. That doesn’t mean amp up your shock value, rather be clear and decisive about your content.” – Rebecca Brooks, Co-founder & Partner at Alter Agents
  18. “Taking something that people know and are familiar with and having them look at the situation in a new light can often garner more attention, and an increase in social sharing.” – Sam Ewen, Agency Partner at Guild
  19. “Once you figure out what you want to say, you have to commit to saying it in a way that’s accessible, credible and interesting. And before you do anything, think about your audience. All the distribution in the world won’t do any good unless you’re telling somebody something they need to know.” – Brandon Copple,Director of Content and Editorial Strategy at Greentarget
  20. “Customized user-focused content is key when it comes to reaching and engaging your online audience. Interactive video puts the viewer in charge of their own experience by allowing them to access the content they think is most relevant and rewarding.” – Erika Trautman, CEO of Rapt Media
  21. “Quality content will still reign supreme. It should be informative, educational, well-written and well-edited, or it will disappear into the depths of the Web. Not only will readers find the content more useful, you will become a trusted source.” – Damian Joseph, Account Manager at SE10
  22. “Content marketing should always think of the user first. It’s tempting to blind users with ads and promotions as soon as they reach your content, but chances are they will not appreciate this and you will lose both trust and a potential sale.” – Alice Williams, Online Content Contributor at BusinessBee