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33 Reasons To Be Optimistic About The Future Of The United States

August 22, 2018

Body Acne

Dozing off with our contact lenses in is all too easy sometimes, especially after a long day. But sleeping with your contacts in is actually super dangerous. According to LiveScience, about one-third of contact lens users report napping or sleeping with contacts in, but according to research, sleeping with your contacts lenses in can lead to some scary eye injuries. In a study published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), researchers think they may have pinpointed why sleeping with contacts in is so dang risky. Apparently, the risk of corneal infections is scary high when it comes to sleeping with contacts in, and the risk is even higher if contacts are kept in overnight. When you watch the news, it sometimes feels like the US is unraveling. But while we definitely have some problems that need fixing, there is still a ton that we can be optimistic about in the US.

Sometimes it takes someone with an outside perspective to give us a bit of an objective reality check.

The most famous example of this was Alexis de Tocqueville. Tocqueville was a French diplomat, a foreigner, who helped Americans appreciate how lucky they really were.

Similarly, I reached out to more than 30 successful immigrants, people who came to the US with almost nothing and built very successful careers and asked them to share why we can be optimistic about the US’s future today.

I hope you find these ideas meaningful.

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