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45 Sneaky Signs You’re Unhealthier Than You May Think

August 16, 2019

45 Sneaky Signs You’re Unhealthier Than You May Think

Thinking that you’re healthy and actually being healthy are two very different things. You can go to the gym every week, floss after every meal, and go to sleep every night before 10 p.m., and still, you might be suffering in silence without even realizing it. But now is the time to learn about these less obvious health symptoms that could indicate a serious issue is going on–because when it comes to your health, knowledge is power.

#21: You have trouble driving at night

With cars flashing their brights at you and poorly lit roads, driving at night isn’t easy for anyone. However, if you find that driving after sunset is becoming increasingly difficult, this could be a sign of an eye issue.

“If a patient, generally age 50 and above, is bothered by symptoms such as difficulty in dim light, glare and halos, and trouble driving at night, they should consider seeing an eye doctor as this could indicate that they may need to have cataract surgery,” says Ming Wang, MD, PhD, of the Wang Vision Institute in Nashville, Tennessee. “Once performed, surgery can generally alleviate these symptoms.”

#22: You have pain behind your eyes

“One of the most commonly misunderstood symptoms of a sinus infection is eye pain,” says Wang. “This occurs because the sinuses sit in areas above, below, and next to the eyes. When pressure builds up in these areas, it can cause a dull pain that feels like it is coming from around or behind the eyes when it is actually coming from the sinuses.”

#23: Your vision suddenly changes

People of all ages and genders suffer from poor vision that requires correction. But while it’s unfortunately normal for our eyes to slowly deteriorate, you should be slightly more concerned if your vision changes suddenly out of the blue.

“Sudden vision changes could indicate a wide range of issues including macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, vascular occlusions in the eye, retinal detachment, acute glaucoma, and more,” says Wang. “Patients should seek the care of an eye doctor immediately with any sudden vision change.”

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