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5 Things Your Dog Does When They’re Happy

April 21, 2021

Pit bull (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Brandon Werber, Founder And CEO of Airvet

When a dog is content, they exhibit relaxed ears, mouth, and body. Generally, they’ll wag their tails and lay on their belly in a playful manner when feeling happy. Along with a healthy appetite, a happy dog will lean into your hand while being pet, showing their joy in the affection they’re receiving. Another way to tell if your dog is happy can be based on their interaction with other dogs. Their playfulness will show. The same is true for the level of excitement they’ll display when they see their owner for the first time in the day. Dogs use non-verbal communication to convey their emotions however, even a higher-pitched bark can be a way dogs express happiness through a more verbal form of communicating.

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