/ Dr. Peterson Pierre

7 Skin Care Ingredients You Should Never Mix, According to Derms

March 16, 2020

Retinol and AHAs/BHAs

Retinol and alpha and beta hydroxy acids (aka AHAs and BHAs) are probably the MVPs of your skin care regimen, since they work overtime to keep fine lines and discoloration at bay. But can they be mixed?

“These ingredients on their own can be very beneficial, but using them together is a no-no,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Peterson Pierre, MD. “You significantly increase your chances of irritation, redness, flaking without providing any additional benefit.”

To avoid any adverse reactions, Dr. Pierre advises introducing one product at a time to assess tolerability. Once that is established, you can then use your AHA/BHA product in the morning, and your retinol in the evening.

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