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Expert: What Will It Take for Lamar Odom to Get Help?

October 9, 2013

Expert: What Will It Take for Lamar Odom to Get Help?


Lamar Odom is reportedly attempting to self-treat his addiction problems. Now, sources close to his wife Khloé Kardashian and her family are questioning if this is the best solution for the NBA free agent.

Life & Styleasked Richard Taite, CEO and founder of Cliffside Malibu, for his take on the situation — and if self-treatment can be an effective solution for addiction. 

“The problem with people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol is they’ll typically go to any length to get their drugs or alcohol but they won’t even do the bare minimum to get well,” explains the co-author ofEnding Addiction for Good. “In his mind, he’s thinking, I’ve got five days sober, it’s going to be different this time and maybe I can hold it together and not have to be in an in-patient facility.” 

A common occurrence for addicts, he explains, is that the drug completely consumes their life. “When you’re not doing crack cocaine, you’re thinking of doing crack cocaine, it’s calling you,” he says.

According to Taite, the chances of self-treating an addiction successfully are slim to none.

“What people don’t realize is the easier softer way is to go into treatment because when you leave treatment and complete the entire program, there would be no energy spent on staying sober, all that energy would be in attaining the dreams or reclaiming the life that he once had,” he tellsLife & Style.

So what does he think Lamar needs in order to get his life back on track?

“Top-notch care or forget it. His basketball career is over, but if he does get treatment, he can play another 2-3 years and that’s a big deal,” Taite says. “If he doesn’t get the help he needs right now, he’s always going to regret it because he didn’t go out the right way.”

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