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A Diet That Allows You to Eat Pasta, Pizza and Cookies? The Creator Behind the Tisanoreica Diet Explains Why It Could Be The Sexiest Way to Lose Weight Yet

June 27, 2013

A Diet That Allows You to Eat Pasta, Pizza and Cookies? The Creator Behind the Tisanoreica Diet Explains Why It Could Be The Sexiest Way to Lose Weight Yet

Italians do it better! When it comes to weight loss, that is.

Let’s be honest: Dieting is not pleasant nor fun.

Well, it wasn’t until now.

Imagine being able to feast on pizza and pasta and snack on cookies and still lose weight? That’s exactly what a revolutionary diet coming out of Italy promises.

The Tisanoreica Diet, widely popular in Italy and recently available here, is a fast acting, healthy diet that will get you ready for the beach in about 3 weeks.

The Tisanoreica Diet combines herbal formulas dating back to the Renaissance with the latest medical science and gourmet Italian cuisine including pasta, bread, biscuits, and soups made in a low glycemic and calorie conscious way.

Here, in the interview below,  Gianluca Mech, President and CEO of Tisanoreica, explains why this diet is hugely successful — and more importantly, effective in shedding those unwanted pounds.


CelebZter: Can you tell us a little about the The Tisanoreica Diet?

Gianluca Mech: The Tisanoreica Diet is a complete weight loss and weight maintenance system:based upon the centuries-old herbal liquid extracts called “deccotopia,” first developed by the Mech family in Renaissance Italy.

CelebZter: Can you describe to us what “decottopia” is, which is the basis of the Tisanoreica Diet?

Gianluca Mech: The name “decottopia” comes from the Greek word deca, which means ten. That’s important because each decottopia tonic synergizes the active ingredient in at least 10 separate herbs. Tisanoreica decottoppia herbal tonics have been sold in Italy quite literally for centuries and can be found in virtually every household medicine cabinet there (like aspirin in the U.S.!)  The diet was developed by myself with the University of Padua.  All the Decottopia formulas (herbal extracts) are older than the actual diet and have been developed and tested over centuries. The line of Decottopia from Balestra & Mech is the oldest product line of the company and was developed according to my family tradition.

CelebZter: How long do you need to be on the diet to start seeing the results?

Gianluca Mech: The average person will begin seeing weight loss after only two days, and up to 20 lbs. after 40 days.

CelebZter: Is it true that you can eat pasta when you are on the diet?

Gianluca Mech: Yes. Pizza and cookies, too. But just not any pasta, pizza or cookies. The food products used in the first “Intensive Phase” of the diet are infused with the same herbal active agents found in the decottopia herbal tonics. Like the tonics, the food products actually stimulate the metabolism to accelerate weight loss. Thus, on the Tisanoreica Diet, it’s actually better not to starve yourself; a certain amount of food containing the active herbal agents is necessary in order to lose weight.

CelebZter: How many times a day can you eat carbs on the diet?

Gianluca Mech: You should eat the Tisanoreica Diet food products (containing carbs) at least twice a day.

CelebZter: Are you allowed to drink alcohol while on the diet?

Gianluca Mech: It’s discouraged during the first, 20-day Intensive phase.

CelebZter: The first phase on the diet is 10 to 20 days, how much weight can one expect to lose?

Gianluca Mech: It depends on the individual, but on average a person can expect to lose 20 lbs. during the 40 days of the first Intensive phase and the second Stability phase. (The third phase is the maintenance phase, when the body has achieved its ideal weight.)

CelebZter: There are two other stages of the diet, what is recommended in your opinion to do once you finish the cycles?

Gianluca Mech: Once the first two phases, Intensive and Stability, are finished, the body’s metabolism has been adjusted to maintain its ideal weight. (We refer to that as the Maintenance phase.)

CelebZter: Can you resume normal eating without piling on the pounds again?

Gianluca Mech: Yes. But let’s say that your indulge in an especially high caloric meal (a special occasion, for example). You can return to your normal eating without piling on pounds again by reverting back to Tisanoreica Diet for the next two meals. The herbal ingredients in the Tisanorecia decottopia and food products will actually prevent the excess fat from settling in your body.

CelebZter: What are the benefit of following this diet?

Gianluca Mech: The Tisanoreica Diet allows you to maintain your ideal weight without a sense of deprivation, thus avoiding the self-defeating “yo-yo effect” that is characteristic of other diets.


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