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Addiction Expert Weighs In On Johnny Manziel’s Journey From Football To Rehab

February 3, 2015

Self proclaimed NFL bad-boy, Johnny Manziel quietly checked himself into rehab last week for a presumed addiction.   The Heisman winner and Browns rookie QB has been a staple of tabloid media with pictures of him at nightclubs with his celebrity pals and stories of him missing practices.

The quarterback’s adviser Brad Beckworth confirmed the news to ESPN.com on Monday

“Johnny knows there are areas in which he needs to improve in order to be a better family member, friend and teammate, and he thought the offseason was the right time to take this step,” Beckworth said.

“On behalf of Johnny and his family, we’re asking for privacy until he rejoins the team in Cleveland.”

Manziel is expected to be in rehab at least a few weeks.

Dr. Walter Thomas, M.D.,  the Medical Consultant of The Discovery House, a non-Riviera-style treatment facility in Southern California weighed in on Manziel’s storyDr. Thomas is one of the first 50 certified doctors who passed the American Society of Addictive Medicine test.

He explained: “Athletic patients have to accept they have a brain disease which means they have to dismantle their addictive ego by giving up their civil liberties in order to save their lives.  Institutions and families have to be more paternalistic and deliberate in establishing conditions and consequences in relationships as patients are not capable of making good decisions in their addictive crisis.  In Summary, patients have three responsibilities; 1) accept the diagnosis and surrender to treatment 2) follow the treatment plan without negotiation and 3) develop a community Identity through the 12 step recovery plan.”

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