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Amanda Bynes Displaying ‘Signs Of Either Substance Abuse Or Psychiatric Disorder,’ Says Expert

June 4, 2013

Amanda Bynes Displaying ‘Signs Of Either Substance Abuse Or Psychiatric Disorder,’ Says Expert

She is suing everyone and everyone is ugly — oh, then right, her Twitter account was hacked.

She wasn’t at·a trampoline park in Buffalo New York on Wednesday night, despite their being pictures of her, and the owner,·Rhonda See, confirming she was there.

Welcome to the weird, rapidly changing wild world of Amanda Bynes, who insists she isn’t crazy.

For months we have been on this rollercoaster ride, which in the past few weeks, seems to be moving at breakneck speed — it has become almost impossible to keep up with her daily wacky adventures.

While she insists she doesn’t do drugs (she is allergic to them, apparently), a friend has stepped forward to say she does dabble in illegal substances and worryingly, she tends to use the heavy kinds.

Pal Jonathan·Jaxson·claimed to MailOnline: “She does take drugs, heavy drugs, and there’s no doubt she has some sort of mental disorder.”

This is a sentiment echoed by·Dr. Damon Raskin, who is a double certified internist and an Addiction Specialist and treats patients at·Cliffside Malibu Treatment Center.

He tells CelebZter exclusively: “If I were treating Amanda Bynes, I would want her to be in a treatment center that has both medical and psychiatric care to get a proper diagnosis. She is clearly displaying signs of either substance abuse or psychiatric disorder and she needs help.· This is more than just acting out for attention.”

And it is glaringly obvious that the 27-year-old·does need help.

Her father is said to be trying to stage an intervention, but the actress refuses to see him.

The problem then becomes one that is even more serious: If Amanda thinks she is fine and won’t accept help, the road ahead becomes a dangerous one.

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