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Can Face Yoga Take Years off Your Appearance?

September 22, 2021


“Though the study showed decent results, it’s fairly challenging to adhere to this regimen,” says dermatologist Peterson Pierre, M.D., of Pierre Skin Care Institute, who was not involved in the research study. “In fact, study participants had a hard time sticking to the schedule after the study was over in spite of good results.”

While the study showed evidence that facial exercises may improve facial appearance and reduce visible signs of aging, more studies are needed to discover how the exercises work and which ones are effective.

Some dermatologists believe facial exercises can actually cause more wrinkles. “We know that the more you use a muscle, the stronger it gets and the deeper the lines get,” Pierre says. “That’s the entire premise behind Botox [which restricts movement of facial muscles], [an injectable] wrinkle relaxer.”

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