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Chicago Hope: Plastic Surgeon talks new non-surgical Vaser Shape

February 15, 2012


Fantastic breakthroughs in non and lesser invasive liposuction have come to fruition thanks to cutting edge technology delivered by VASER Shape and VASER Lipo.

The VASER Shape is the most exciting news of late for those wanting immediate results but no downtime or surgery of any kind.

The comfortable procedure has given consistent measurable and predictable results for a top Chicago-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Bloch, a true pioneer and innovator in this specialized field, who spoke to Monsters and Critics today by phone explaining why he has added VASER Shape and VASER Lipo to his arsenal of go-to fat reduction procedures in the last month.

 “Quite simply it was the consistent results we got in office trials, and the measurable loss of fat.  Patients’ clothes fit better, they were comfortable and really happy for the results,” says Dr. Bloch.

“The VASER shape ideal patient is someone still vital and working and who are concerned how they look, this matters greatly to them. They also don’t want any invasive traditional liposuction with a traditional cannula or laser assisted-liposuction, despite all the marvelous breakthroughs in those procedures too. This lack of downtime and ‘wow factor’ immediate results are really pleasing my patients. This procedure is exciting, and patients are just finding us based on this happy word of mouth.”

 After 30 years of experience as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Bloch is considered an expert by his peers.  He has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as Vogue and Allure magazines.  He’s also a newcomer to this office visit or “lunchtime Lipo” procedure that has people fitting in that form fitting dress that night.

VASER Shape offers visible body shaping results in weekly ultrasonic and massage therapy sessions by temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite and increasing local blood circulation.  There are two types of non- invasive treatment offered, ultrasound therapy and zonal lymphatic massage.

I asked if there such was a thing as ’emergency Lipo’?

“Oh yes,” says Dr. Bloch. “The ‘Basketball wives’ and wives, partners and girlfriends of other big-time sports’ celebrities call us up last-minute because of an unexpected vacation, party or any event invitation they have to look amazing for. This is really common for us, these last-minute Lipo distress calls, and the VASER Shape is the perfect solution for zero downtime, no anesthesia or cannula surgical treatment. They come in and leave within an hour smaller, firmer and tighter all around the treated area.”

What to expect when you elect to go the Shape route?  Dr. Bloch outlined why he adopted VASER Shape and VASER Lipo for his practice that specializes in whole body reconstruction, breast augmentation, neck lifts, injectibles and face lifts.

“For me it was seeing the immediate reduction…consistent volume reductions that are measurable and the lasting long-term results for patients who are cautious with their lifestyle.  Patients who indulge have to come in for touch-up sessions, but I counsel all patients on responsible diet and exercise to help them prolong their life-changing results.”

Dr. Bloch adds, “Often times, this procedure is a confidence and motivational boost my patients need to get their act together.  It’s an integral part of the anti-aging process to help people keep that edge. The added bonus of it being painless and relaxing for my patients also appealed to me greatly. They’re perfectly comfortable and I’m always happy with the results.  This VASER Shape procedure is a game changer and a fantastic option for plastic surgeons to add to their fat reduction methods, and so much superior from the other non surgical options that were available.”

Unlike VASER Lipo, a procedure that is done with general anesthesia or as a wide-awake, VASER (ultrasound) Shape (unlike its competitor Zerona, which uses a low-level laser) is not affected by skin types and skin colors. Ultrasound, according to Dr. Bloch, is “color blind”.  The biggest delineation between VASER Shape and the other in-office non surgical Lipo procedures is in the details.

VASER Shape uses a 1MHz ultrasound transducer that can penetrate up to about 6cm beneath the skin, with no added dietary supplements and exercise as part of the treatment regimen. Though Dr. Bloch always counsels fat loss patients to rethink their way of eating and step up exercise to maintain their health.

This treatment comes with a double-pronged approach: Ultrasound therapy and zonal lymphatic massage. Dr. Bloch recommends a specific treatment schedule to achieve the results sought by each patient based on individual needs.

Ultrasound therapy employs two beams of ultrasound energy to heat the fatty tissue beneath the skin. This encourages the body to metabolize, drain or reabsorb excess fluids. The treatment is delivered using a special concave hand piece, as Dr. Bloch follows the contour of the patient’s body, targeting fatty tissue at a specific depth beneath the skin.

His patients report feeling a gentle warming of the skin accompanied by a feeling similar to a deep tissue massage with a slight redness to the skin from the deep heat.

The other complementary method is Zonal Lymphatic Massage which is recommended for all VASER Shape patients immediately following ultrasound treatments. This vacuum-assisted massage stimulates and releases toxins from the lymph nodes which allow the body to drain off excess fats, as local blood circulation to the treatment site “cleans” the body of this released fat too.

The healing booster is gentle enough that it can be done even after a more  
invasive VASER Lipo treatment that requires surgery.

Dr. Bloch tells Monsters and Critics he prescribes treatments based on body type and the effect a patient wants to achieve. Typically, a Shape treatment schedule will include one combined ultrasound and massage treatment per week (20-30 minutes per body area).  One zonal massage session per week is schedules for three to five weeks.