Thrive Global / Dr. Ming Wang

Dancing at The “EyeBall”, Life Lessons From A Dancing Laser Eye Surgeon

April 16, 2018


“In that effort, we created the “EyeBall,” an annual fundraising gala for our non-profit charity, the Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration for which all participating doctors donate our services. The EyeBall combines the spectacular beauty of ballroom dancing with the critically important need to help the blind to see. When you come to an EyeBall, you see people in ballgowns and tails, and breathtakingly elegant and beautiful ballroom dancing, which reminds us how important it is to have sight since without it, we would not be able to see any of this beauty, so we are reminded of how important it is to help those who have lost their sight. We love that the name “EyeBall” is fun and meaningful, and it is a clever way of combining the beauty of dance and music with the beauty of sight.”

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