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Dermatologist Answers: How Should I Treat Back or Body Acne?

August 2, 2018

Body Acne

It’s safe to say that regardless of the season, there’s just no room for body acne (aka bacne) in your life. Not only does it put a damper on your plans for back-baring #ootds, it can also cause great physical discomfort. Not to mention, it can be particularly frustrating to treat especially when it sprouts in hard-to-reach places. And with beach season in full swing, even the clearest and most radiant of skins are not spared–thanks to all that sweating, product buildup and constant exposure to environmental irritants (and bacteria).

Fortunately, as pesky as body acne is, it’s also quite preventable and manageable. And the first step in treating body acne? Understanding what it really is.

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