/ Dr. Peterson Pierre

Everything you need to know about caring for your scalp, and all the benefits you can get from doing so

January 24, 2020

a close up of a bottle: Courtesy of Dove

As we give our skin some extra TLC during the winter, it’s important to remember that our scalp could also use that same kind of special attention, especially since everyone knows that healthy hair always starts with a healthy scalp.

Marina Perkovic, the resident scalp treatment expert at Eliut Salon, points out that just like our face and body, our scalp is made up of skin, meaning it definitely needs the same amount of hydration (plus exfoliation!) your complexion does during the wintertime. And while you may think that a simple clarifying shampoo can help keep your scalp under control, board-certified hair restoration physician Alan Bauman, M.D., suggests that scalp care has definitely advanced for the better, and there are many new treatments available that can improve the health of your follicles.

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