Groomed LA / Vaser

Groomed LA

June 26, 2012

soooo many product and treatments to fill you in on – i don’t know where to start.

1. so far, no replacement for the toxic-much-debated Brazilian Blowout. sorry peeps. so far i’ve tried 4 au-natural-chem-free attempts at hair de-frizzing and they all suck-ass.  so this week, thank you thank you, the brilliant LIZ DEVIN will be putting on her mask and flattening the crap outta my jew-frizz over at ANDY LECOMPTE.

2. the good people at the mucho famoso Dr. Peter Bela Fodor invited me in to try the VASER Shape system – a non-invasive fat removal system. well, if you can wrap your head around this one – we only could do my underarms as it appeared that day that i didn’t have enough fat in my mid-section and my thighs house metal hip replacements and we couldn’t do the VASER near those.  so after a lovely lie down with the yummy warm massagy thing going back and forth on my arms like the best hot stone massage ever – the bat wings were measured and were 1/4 inch smaller. not bad! you are supposed to do a series of 4 or 5 treatments and this is supposed to be great for mid-section and thigh bulges. i am still freakin out over the LIPOSONIX i tried 6 weeks ago as they seriously is melting fat off my legs. wow. honestly, if you need to get rid of fat that spinning still hasn’t touched in years, not up for anything invasive – this is IT. period, the end. it works.

3. a killler, organic, mineral sunscreen to protect your DNA from UVA rays is making me and my kids so happy. SOLEIL ORGANIQUE MINERAL SUNSCREEN MIST ($42). it makes putting sunscreen on fun. the spray is so cool – like a dry mist. absorbs quickly, smells amazing. in fact, we all can’t get enough. and it’s rated 45, water resistant, hypo allergenic, vegan and gluten free with green tea extract and eco sun complex. to die for.

4. if you’re looking for a BRIGHT hot pink summer gloss – this is your baby. Anastasia’s SEE AND BE SEEN set ($44) it comes with 2 serious almost neon pink and peachy glosses, a brow gel and duo eye shadow. summer glimmer at it’s best.

5. tried a C02 laser two weeks ago. the motherlode of skin resurfacing. holy shizzy.  if you have a down week where you can look like you’ve been in a hard-core plane crash and have some hypo or hyper-pigmentation, acne scars or fine lines you’d like to see blasting into oblivion, this is the treatment for you. NOT for the faint of heart.  it hurts like a mutha (take the narco!) will frighten the crap outta your spouse, partner or kids, but crap it’s totally worth it. i have the skin of a 2 year old. you CANNOT have just anyone do it! it’s considered surgery (even though it’s not technically, it’s in office and you’re up) and i only only only recommend DR. LEIF ROGERS and/or his P.A. VALERIE to perform it. not cheap either but if you have skin issues that you’ve been battling – this is for you.