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How COVID Has Affected Pet-Related Businesses

May 21, 2021

Many pets find going to the vet to be stressful. Now, with COVID-19 it has become even more stressful for both pets and their owners as most vets don’t allow owners to accompany their pet inside. Luckily, the vet industry has begun to adapt in partnership with companies like Airvet at the forefront.

“Airvet is a new telemedicine app that offers face-to-face, virtual hands-on care, consultation, and advice from licensed vets across the nation. Since its inception in 2019, Airvet has helped over 100,000 pets live happy and healthy lives.” Thanks to Airvet, “pets and their parents have 24/7 access to quality care with the most trusted vets anywhere in the country within moments. In this time of quarantine and COVID-19, it’s good to know that our furry family members are being well taken care of.” – Airvet, Susan

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