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It’s Very Possible Your Cat Is Ticklish – Here’s What You Need to Know!

December 22, 2020

Cat lying Free Photo

Sharing a space with cats is as entertaining as it is fascinating, and it seems they love to surprise their human friends with how clever they can be, though they certainly all have distinct personalities. I recently moved in with extended family, a home to four cats and counting. I’m quickly learning the ropes as a new member of a cat household, and so far, I’m realizing boundaries and understanding their body language are important to living in harmony. Still, I have tons of questions. What goes on in their mysterious brains? Do they realize how incredibly cute and loved they are? Then, an even more pressing question arises after hours spent petting my fluffy friends: are my cats ticklish? I spoke to two experienced veterinarians to find out.

“It’s hard to say if cats are ticklish in the same way humans are since they don’t burst into laughter like we do, but they do enjoy being loved on,” said Dr. Anthony Hall, DVM, MPH, the medical director for an animal clinic in Dallas and an expert vet at AirVet who’s been a practicing vet since 2013.

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