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‘Kill Your Darlings’ Daniel Radcliffe’s Tisanoreica feast in Venice

September 9, 2013

‘Kill Your Darlings’ Daniel Radcliffe’s Tisanoreica feast in Venice

70th Venice Film Festival had a public screening of John Krokidas’s “Kill Your Darlings.” The film’s star Daniel Radcliffe was in attendance along with luminaries from the Italian fashion business and cinema world.

Radcliffe’s portrayal of a young Allen Ginsburg at Columbia University in 1944 is described as a long way removed from that of Harry Potter, his most famous character to date.

The film is about the artistic and sexual awakening of the famous American “Beat” poet.

Radcliffe may seem like strange casting as a gay Jewish American intellectual but his performance as Ginsberg is being hailed by the critics as exceptional. The film also showsthe early years of writers William Burroughs (Ben Foster) and Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston).

To celebrate the film “Kill Your Darlings” and as part of ”Venice Days”, Tisanoreica CEO and top herbalist Gianluca Mech organized a special gala meal in honor of actor and director John Krokidas and Daniel Radcliffe, held on September 2 at the RestaurantAntinous Hotel Centurion Palace Punta della Dogana in Venice.


Mech of course has been very busy for the last few months in the USA with his new spokesperson for the Tisanoreica diet - Mary Murphy of FOX’s Emmy award winning series, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Mech’s in the initial stages of his American launch for the Italian Comfort Food Diet that is taking Hollywood by storm. His company plans to have Americans losing weight the Italian way without deprivation, aided by his family’s herbal tonics called “Decottopia” which are part of the overall weight loss plan and lifestyle eating to maintain health.

Among the celebrities who attended the event in Venice along with actor Daniel Radcliffe and director John Krokidas were Valeria Marini, actresses Vanessa Hessler, Giulia Elettra Gorietti, Ariadna Romero, and noted designer Alviero Martini.

“It ‘s great source of pride for me to have contributed to the success of the event that celebrates this great film” said Gianluca Mech. “The valuable collaboration of chef Massimo Livan in developing an original’ Tisanoreica LifeStyle ‘menu conceived especially for the occasion was married perfectly with the philosophy of Tisanoreica. The delicious meal prepared showed that it is possible to eat healthy and gratify the senses without giving up your figure.”

“Our commitment to support the production does not end with the all-important Venetian festival,”concluded Mech – “but will continue with actions co-marketing even during the launch of the film in theaters, including the organization of national exclusive preview of this extraordinary film.”

The delicious and varied menu was specially created by chef Livan of ‘Hotel Centurion Palace Maximum,” who personally interpreted the Tisanoreica products - such as rice, pasta, chocolate cream and crostinis - which pair perfectly with fresh foods that meets the chef’s standards for excellence, delighting all who dined with the film’s stars.

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