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Mary Murphy’s Stunning Weight Loss with Italian Comfort Food Diet (VIDEO)

October 28, 2013

Mary Murphy’s Stunning Weight Loss with Italian Comfort Food Diet (VIDEO)

Mary Murphy was on HLN and recently to show off her stunning 25+ pound weight loss.

“I’m 54, going through menopause, and for me to lose weight was near impossible,” says the “So You Think You Can Dance” star.

Murphy gives credit to a plant based diet from Italy known as Tisanoreica, the Italian Comfort Food Diet where herbal extracts and special Tisanoreica high protein foods  swap out traditional carb laden treats like pasta, rice and croutons so that you have zero deprivation and can cook with many options.

The diet differentiates itself from others with the core products, a series of herbal tonics known as Decottopia which aid in detoxifying the liver, bolstering nutrition, giving a natural energy boost and facilitating fast and safe weight loss.

Murphy is part of a group of stars now in the Star Diet Wars!  Mary joins stars like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson who both appear in Weight Watchers ads.

“I think anybody motivating anybody else is a good thing,” Jenny Hutt, host of Sirius XM Radio’s “Just Jenny” tells Showbiz Tonight.  “So I do think some of the time it works but definitely something inside of ourselves has to click for us to make the necessary change.” Mary notes that even with her Thyroid issues and her age, Tisanoreica has worked wonders for her. Watch Showbiz Tonight at 11 pm ET/PT on HLN!


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