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Medical Tourism Doesn’t Always Need a Passport

May 17, 2012

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Why head out of the country for surgery when you could get better results here in the US?

You’ve likely heard about traveling to an exotic locale for your cosmetic surgery procedure where after surgery, you recover in a swanky beach front hotel where mojitos and daiquiris abound. One problem – how confident are you in your physician’s skills? There are physicians in the US that offer the comfort of both a travel destination and a board certification.

One great example is the bod:evolve office of board certified cosmetic surgeons Dr. David Broadway and Dr. John Millard in Denver, CO. Patients from 32 states and 8 countries have flown to Denver specifically to seek out the surgical expertise offered at bod:evolve. Patients travel for multiple reasons, one of them being the doctors’ skill, but also the world-class care offered by their staff. The experience for both the patient and their travel companions is designed to be both luxurious and exciting, meeting the needs of both the patient and their entourage.

Body contouring is a main focus of bod:evolve’s practice as Dr. Millard and Dr. Broadway both worked to develop HiDef procedures designed to do more than just remove fat, they reveal the patient’s underlying musculature. Using Vaser ultrasound assisted liposuction or SmartLipo Triplex, the physicians are able to precisely remove even the smallest fat deposits to uncover the figure you’ve worked so hard for. These procedures are intended for those who are already very close to having the body they desire, but need a little help to get rig of some spotty fat deposits that exercise can’t remedy.

If you’re looking for a relaxing recovery and an experienced physician, take a look at domestic destinations before digging out your passport.

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