Salonpas / Dr. Kien Vuu

Meet Salonpas Wellness Warrior, Dr. Kien Vuu: Live Again Project Founder

March 20, 2018


Interventional Oncologist/Radiologist Dr. Kien Vuu’s own life struggle reads like a Hollywood script. He arrived to the United States as an infant boat refugee with no money but whose determination overcame poverty and racism to become a successful doctor. Dr. Vuu’s life experience has given him a unique perspective about the power within ourselves to heal our own bodies. Many of the miraculous recoveries, Dr. Vuu has seen in his years of practice fighting deadly diseases have come from shifts in thought and mindset, meditation, stress control, diet changes and alternative therapies, along with traditional treatments. The core message of Dr. Vuu’s story is, “My terminal patients put me on the path of healing myself.”

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