/ Dr. Peterson Pierre

Most DIY Hand Sanitizer Won’t Kill Coronavirus But These Recipes Will, Say Experts

March 13, 2020

empty shelves, sold out hand sanitizer

As store shelves keep getting cleared out due to coronavirus fears, some people are taking sanitizing concerns into their own hands. What are the best DIY hand sanitizer options, and what do the experts want you to know about these homemade recipes? In general, you’ll want to save that bottle of Absolut for your drinks, not your cleaning products.

When making your own, “your sanitizer must be at least 70% alcohol to be effective,” dermatologist Peterson Pierre, M.D., of the Pierre Skin Care Institute tells Romper. Honestly, making the stuff on your own can be a bit tricky. “Though it might be tempting, as hand sanitizer has become unavailable in many stores and pharmacies as consumers rushed in to stock up, it’s not as easy to make an effective hand sanitizer as it sounds,” Dr. Gabriella Baki, Ph.D., Pharm.D., assistant professor of pharmaceutics at the University of Toledo, tells Romper. Not all DIY sanitizer recipes are equally effective at killing off microbes.

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