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Pet Care Gets Unleashed

February 24, 2021

“All of a sudden, I was just like every other pet owner — scrambling to find a vet when every hour counts,” Werber said. “It was a terrifying feeling.”

Werber found a vet, but he realized there was no quick and efficient way for pet owners to connect with a vet to get urgent advice.

Pet owners had to rush their pets to 24-hour emergency pet hospitals and then wait hours to be seen, even if all that was really needed was expert advice on how to handle a pet crisis at home.

So, the entrepreneur with one startup under his belt decided to launch another — this one focused on developing a platform to match pet owners needing care advice for their pets with veterinarians willing to provide that advice on demand. And in November 2018 Beverly Hills- based AirVet Inc. was born.

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