/ Dr. Syd Miller

Psychologist Dr. Sydney Miller On Why Freeing Yourself From The Past Is The First Step To Surviving & Thriving From A Divorce

April 26, 2022

Part of the divorce progression is leaving the past in the past, accepting the things you cannot change and moving forward to new pastures. It sounds easy on paper, but you really need to invest the time and do the work to make this important step successful. How do you do that so you can survive and thrive in your “new reality?” It simply starts with not letting any negative thoughts weigh you down because bad energy is draining, not good for the complexion, and gives off a bad attitude. The goal is to be a magnet and attract everything good so you can get your happy ever after. Enter Dr. Sydney Miller. Dr. Miller is a renowned psychologist in Canada and former host of “On-Call with Dr. Syd” on iHeart Radio. In addition to helping people cope with stress, depression, burnout, anxieties, fears, relationships and family issues such as a divorce, Dr. Miller is also a professor at the Department of Psychology at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

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