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The 7 surprising reasons we get bacne–and expert-recommended ways to treat it

June 15, 2020


Like hormones, genetics can also play a big part in bacne, and board-certified dermatologist Peterson Pierre, M.D. confirms that a family history of bad acne can up your chances of having breakouts: “If there is a history of bad acne in your family, although not a given, chances are high that you will experience acne at some point in your life.”

Yes, even the foods we eat can contribute to bacne; a 2010 study revealed that high-glycemic-index foods can trigger acne in susceptible individuals. Dairy items like milk can also spike acne flares, according to Dr. Pierre, who says that whole milk has fat, which prevents the rapid rise of blood or blood sugar. This makes it important to switch to a non-dairy milk if you can because, he says, it doesn’t contain the high-fat content of whole milk. He adds that, similarly, sodas and high-sugar drinks, candy bars, and fast- and fried foods should be consumed in limited quantities as, they too, can contribute to breakouts.

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