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‘The Hills’ Star Jason Wahler Reflects on His Sobriety Journey’: I Was ‘Lost and Scared’

November 11, 2019

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A changed man. The Hills star Jason Wahler reflected on his sobriety journey, from 2006 to now, and he’s come a long way. “I think the person I was when I was active in my addiction back in the day was a very lost, scared, confused individual to somebody today that has self-worth, passion, motivation,” he told In Touch exclusively. Now, the reality star describes himself as, “loving, caring, kind and somebody who loves giving back.”

The 32-year-old — who teamed up with Hilary Roberts and the Red Songbird Foundation to give away a $100,000 scholarship at The Beach House Treatment Center in support of trauma, mental health and substance abuse — has been candid about his addiction struggles in the past, and surprisingly enough, he doesn’t regret appearing on reality TV. “I think everything happens for a reason,” he explained. “Obviously, there was a whirlwind of everything that had happened. I went through that very public battle of addiction. I went through 14 different treatment centers — from Florida to Hawaii [and] every state in between. But what that has allotted me to do is it created a platform because, you know, I say all great change proceeds with chaos. I had to go through hell to experience the benefits of this.”

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