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Traveling With Pets: Your Guide to Flying or Driving With Your Furry Friend

December 1, 2020


Whether traveling by train, plane, or car or staying in a hotel, vaccinations are extremely important, according to Jeff Werber, D.V.M., the chief veterinary officer for Airvet Telemedicine. He says there’s typically a core set of vaccines that are given in a series when your pet is young and then updated every three years. Your vet may recommend additional vaccines depending on your location, your lifestyle, and other factors. Every shot is different and has a varied timeline for immunity success, so Dr. Werber recommends letting your vet know about your travel plans ASAP. Plus, if you’re going to a destination that could put your dog or cat at a higher risk of infection for a disease that’s not common in the United States, they may require another vaccination.

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