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Turns Out, Your Cat Has a Pretty Good Reason For Knocking Things Over!

February 1, 2021


Chasing their owner’s feet, attempting to eat tape, and scratching mirrors — cats have a long list of quirky behaviors that leave us puzzled! One cat habit I really can’t seem to figure out, though, is why they love to knock things over. Why do they seem to find enjoyment in pushing items to the edge of the table and watching them fall as their owner (aka me) looks on in frustration? What gives!?

Cats may be knocking things over around the house because they are curious and, quite simply, bored. “Cats are very curious,” said Jeff Werber, DVM, chief veterinary officer for Airvet. “Their natural inclination is to touch things, which becomes a problem if what they are touching is not well-anchored.” Dr. Werber cautioned that if your cat is knocking things over continuously, they may be bored.

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