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Vaser Shape: Lipo Redux

June 11, 2012

Vaser Shape

Vaser Shape: Lipo, Redux

 Recently, I was asked to try the Vaser Shape, an ultrasound treatment that zaps fat cells and essentially does what liposuction does, but – keyword – non-invasively. Phrases along the lines of, “immediate results, painless, and free” were the factors that made the decision easy an easy yes for me. “What can I lose?” I thought. “An hour of my time? If it doesn’t work, well, it’s non-invasive so no harm.” But there was still the possibility of it actually working, so I’m not going to lie, I was super-excited.

I don’t know how to put this lightly…it was CRAZY!!! Like, amazing and totally works. They use this device that kind of looks like one paddle of a defibrillator. It heats up your fat cells using an ultrasound. It is rubbed in a circle on your body for about 30-45 minutes, depending on the area being worked on.

The devise goes up to 107°F on the inside. But because it uses an ultrasound, the energy is targeted below the surface so my skin didn’t sense the sizzling temperature. It just felt very warm – like a hot stone massage (I can tolerate a lot of heat so it was kind of pleasant). Then a massage wand is used in the targeted area for 10 minutes. In total, I was on the table for about an hour and in the surgical office for two hours (including paperwork, changing, taking photos, chatting with the doctor, etc.).

The way it works: the energy transmitted compromises the membranes of fat cells and causes the lipids inside to leak out (apparently fat cells are very fragile, really? mine seem pretty resilient!!). The leaked-out fat then goes in your lymphatic system and is processed through the liver and kidneys, just like you ate a big, fat meal. But – genius – instead of metabolizing these into calories, your body treats the triglycerides as trash and they’re pushed through the system, without any chance of calorie-intake.

When this was explained to me, I was like, “So won’t you get fat because you are bombarding your body with all these fat cells right? And is this bad for your heart, arteries, and liver?”

There have been many studies done with the Vaser Shape technology and all evidence shows this procedure has no more effects on the body than if you ate a big meal. But you don’t metabolize the calories, so it’s not even as bad as that Fred Flintstone-size steak you just ate. There is no damage to your heart, liver, kidneys are arteries.

The results are totally objective. Sure, they took pictures (which was horrifying to say the least, and no, I’m not going to share – the above-picture is obviously not me), but the technician took measurements before and immediately after the treatment. I had my tummy done and measurements were taken in 3 places: the bellybutton, an inch above it, and an inch below. I was instrumental in the reading of these measurements because I wanted to make sure there were no mistakes. I made sure I wasn’t sucking in (you take a deep breath in and when you let out, that’s when the measurement is taken) and I made sure the “after” measurements were taken at the exact same spot. (Luckily, I have a scar on my abdomen so it was definitely the same exact spot.)

The result: 1.5″ off the center (bellybutton position) and an inch above and an inch below. That’s empirical proof that cannot be denied even if I was skeptical. This is right after the treatment and I was promised more astounding results a few days later, after the swelling goes down.

For the sake of journalism, I will get graphic here, since I need to illustrate a point: I have a muffin-top that flops over a clearly defined line right below my bellybutton. This evil flop-over is my most-hated enemy. I wouldn’t mind if I just had a pooch, but this fold-over of flesh is so revolting I have no words fit to describe my hatred for it. I work out; I’ve changed my diet; I have been losing weight everywhere else, but this one stubborn area will not relent.

After Vaser Shape, I swear: the flop-over is gone. Sure, an inch and a half is not enough to flatten my stomach by any means, but it’s enough to soften the protrusion to the point that it’s able to be blend in and be smooth with the flesh around it. Every day after the treatment the results kept coming until the third day. And each day as I stare in the mirror I am blown away. Not only is the area smaller but the skin is tighter. Not just visibly, the area feels smoother and tighter.

Very importantly, the treatment was done by Dr. Fodor in Los Angeles. He is the most accredited plastic surgeon in the city, which says a lot. He teaches residents at UCLA medical school and was the President of the Liposuction Association of America. He helped to develop this treatment. He is THE man.

Each treatment is $500 and it can be done once a week, as frequently as you desire, until results are achieved. This is worth every penny and beyond, I will gladly pay for all subsequent treatments with zero complaint!! I am going back for more treatments and bringing all my friends with me. This is like the miracle everyone has been waiting for from medical technology advancements. The future is finally here, lipo that doesn’t hurt and has immediate results. With, so far, no side effects.

Now, of course, there are limits to this, so don’t think about shrinking your whole bod.  It is designed for only treating small problem areas, and obviously, it isn’t the quick fix of regular lipo (which can remove up to 8lbs of fat out at one time).

So far, there are no reports of the fat returning (you can’t go and binge eat after, naturally, since these cells can become full of fat again). Remember, it isn’t like lipo where the fat cell is actually removed, this is for someone who is working hard and dealing with fat deposits that working out and dieting cannot remove. If you fit the bill, this is what you need – and what you will thank.