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What is Double Cleansing & Why You Should Do it, According to a Dermatologist

August 10, 2021

What is Double Cleansing

While double cleansing can be achieved anywhere on the body, today we will focus on the brightest feature of all: your face. There are two very basic steps to achieve a double cleanse. You’ll always want to start your double cleanse routine using an oil-based product, such as liquid cleansing oil or a cleansing balm. Cleansing balms are solidified oil-based cleansers that serve the same purpose as liquid oil. Some people prefer balms to traditional oils because they are less messy and more travel-friendly.

Okay, but why start with oil to cleanse? What if you already have oily skin? Even if you’re oily and acne-prone, there’s good reason to incorporate oils into your skincare routine. “Oil-based product is the ideal first step to remove makeup and sebum from the skin while leaving behind the natural hydrating oils,” says Dermatologist Peterson Pierre, MD of Pierre Skin Care Institute. “This step is gentle and doesn’t strip your skin of its natural moisture.” So rather than making your skin more oily, it actually makes it less oily by extracting excess sebum (AKA pore-clogging oil) from the skin. The result? Your skin will feel cleansed, hydrated, and ready for the next step.

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