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Why It’s Dangerous to Talk About Sobriety as a “Wellness Trend”

September 19, 2019


Forget rhubarb gin and #roseallday; in 2019, all the cool kids are sober.

Earlier this year, the New York Times wrote about “the new sobriety,” highlighting the waves of people ditching booze for the sake of their health — not because they have an issue with alcohol.

On the face of it, sobriety slots in neatly alongside other wellness trends, like meditation apps, reiki and eating raw foods for breakfast. People write books about it that aren’t “addiction memoirs” based on horror stories of blackouts and absconding from rehab. Sober Instagram influencers boast thousands of followers, including regular drinkers and the “sober curious.” Alcohol-free bars, like Listen Bar in NYC and Sans Bar in Texas, are popping up all over the place (and hipsters are hanging out there).

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